PØGMAN Releases Explosive “Trinal” EP

Doing things on his own terms this week is bass producer PØGMAN, who has dropped a three-track project. It highlights just why he is one of the biggest talents in the gnarly side of bass music right now. Seeing a release through his own label IAMAudio, the Volume 1 of a 3 Volume series is entitled Trinal. 

Opener “Vinegar” hits us with a dissonant melody, leading us into a classic era of dubstep that possesses a juicy texture, gripping at your brain with impeccable force. PØGMAN goes hard again on the “The Fly.” A unique intro lead combined with floor-shaking 808ʼs and a catchy rap line gets us ready for a drop that is ready for the weekend.

“Bring The House Down” has an opening melody quickly dissolves into a jumble of mechanical chaos — this drop boasts pure mayhem. With propulsive wobbles tinged with menace, you can hear them throughout the entire production.

The Trinal EP itches that dubstep scratch that only a select few producers can soothe. Check it out now.

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