How Casino Affiliates Changed Online Casino Marketing

The rise in popularity for online gambling made the demand for new and high quality online casinos skyrocket. This could easily be proven by checking the amount of casinos that continuously seem to pop up just everywhere.

As in every other niche in terms of online activities, there has to be a tremendous focus on online marketing. Amazon does it, Walmart does it, hotels and airline companies does it and every other online course provider does it – we’re talking about affiliate marketing.

The basic concept of affiliate marketing

The basic concept could be explained in 3 simple steps.

  1. A third-party affiliate marketer promotes a product to their audience

  2. A consumer buys the product as per the affiliate marketers recommendation

  3. The seller of the product gives a cut to the marketer

This means that the affiliate marketer never owns, produces or control the product. It just passes the information about the product and funnels their audience into buyers.

This is often done through product reviews or displaying ads.

The Affiliate marketing system

The concept of affiliate marketing started with a company trying to find influencers and people to promote their product as worth buying – to reach a very targeted market.

Nowadays, it’s rare that a company even has any first hand communication with the affiliate marketer thanks to different affiliate programs that acts as middlemen.

Amazon is a prime example of this. They invite affiliate marketers to market any product that is retailed from Amazon – and giving a revenue share for any sale.

The sales are then tracked through tracking links that contains the marketers tracking ID, making it so that the marketer actually gets the commission. Whenever a customer clicks on a link on a website and gets redirected to the sellers website, a cookie is stored within the customers website browser. This cookie could stay active for as long as up to 30 days. A usual system is that the cookie expires the moment the customer purchases the item from the seller.

An example of how a cookie works is with the Amazon affiliate program. A person that clicks on an affiliate tracking link earns the affiliate revenue on everything they buy on Amazon, not only for the specific product that is recommended. This might turn a smaller recommended product to a big commission for the affiliate.

How does Affiliation work in the Casino Industry?

The targeted audience for online casino players is safe to say the internet-generation, where any type of search engine is close at hand. Because of the vast array of casinos on the market, it’s simply impossible for a person to just use the browser to get to a casino directly. This is where the casino affiliates comes in. By recommending different casinos to a player and funnel them to the casinos, the affiliates get a cut whenever the get a customer to register to a casino.

Casino Bonus Sites

The most common way an affiliate promotes casinos is to rank in the search engines for terms that casino hunters most likely search for. And the incentive here is to offer casino bonuses.

By listing different casino bonuses on a website, the visitor can go through the list and find a casino that they are interested in trying out. The casino bonus often matches any first-time deposit the player does on the casino, and the affiliate that recommended the casino to the player will get a piece of the earnings the casino does on that particular player. This also means that a player tracked by an affiliate might be very successful and win a lot of money wont earn the affiliate any revenue share, as no money were made by that particular player.

If you are interested in how one of these casino bonus sites look like, one of the most trusted and thriving casino bonus websites sites are They list almost 100 casinos in the UK together with a lot of different kinds of bonuses, like match bonuses, cash-back bonuses and free spins – which gives the player a chance to try out some of the games the casino offers and maybe win some money without having to use their own money. If they are lucky, of course. A site like casinomartini is also operating in different countries, they also list German casino bonuses for every player visiting from Germany.

Affiliate Commission

This is a number that varies like crazy between different industries.

While Amazon offers a modest revenue share of everything between 2-10%, a casino affiliate program like Egamingonline can offer up to 50% revenue share. The difference here is the volume.

There are also variations of the revenue share system. An affiliate could get a CPA deal with a casino, meaning that every player that does a deposit triggers the affiliate to earn a set amount of commission. These types of commission structures could be combined and some affiliate programs reward affiliates a higher commission rate depending on how good they perform.

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