Eden Espinosa, Revelation: A Path Forward

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Sometimes you forget just how amazing music is, then you hear an album like Eden Espinosa’s Revelation and your hope in the craft is restored.

Many will know Espinosa as one of Broadway’s most celebrated “Elphabas” in Wicked. She was the original standby for Idina Menzel and went on to perform the role on Broadway, in San Francisco, and Los Angeles. She was also the last Mimi in Rent.

Unlike Espinosa’s previous album, Look Around, which was composed of modern Broadway songs, Revelation is entirely original material. Espinosa wrote eight out of the ten song collection. This album is her first foray into writing music, but as one will quickly tell, she has a knack for lyrical poise.

The album opens with the dark, power anthem “Deadly Sin.” This pulsating song with its encroaching rhythm mixed with Espinosa’s experimental vocals sets the record up for a journey of vulnerability, pain, and self-discovery.

As the listener continues down the road, they are stopped at “Master of My Life.” With its almost cabaret stylings, this song’s steady beat is easily one of the greatest of the album, both lyrically and musically. This is also the first song Espinosa ever wrote. “Master of My Life” is followed by the brazen, yet understanding, first single “Bed for 2.”

Then just as the listener is getting their bearings for this journey, they are met by the masterpiece “The Answer…” This ballad shows Espinosa’s genius storytelling abilities while honing in on the album’s soul discovery.

And that’s just half the album. I could go on, but I can’t give everything away.

As noted, Espinosa is an accomplished stage performer. She has performed the most iconic roles in Broadway history.  With Revelation, Espinosa flips her musical theater past to show she is her own perfectly curated masterpiece. Revelation is a magnificent listen that instills discovery within one’s self while learning how to create a path forward.

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