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Hi!  Thanks so much for having us  ☺

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Can You See Me”?

Can You See Me was the first song that really stood out to us when trying to think of a song to release before the album came out, that would be a good representation of the “sound” to come with the rest of this album.  Spooky sticky harmonies and heavy guitar.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

We co-wrote this with a buddy of ours, Rob Klerkx.  The three of us were sitting around kind of talking about that season in some people’s live’s where they seem to be looking for love so hard but can’t figure out why love finding them in return.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

We’ve filmed a couple videos in our studio, one acoustic, one full band.  We are releasing them very soon! We’ve talked about doing an official music video for this one, but we’ll see!  Stay tuned!

The single comes off your new album Sweet Rebellion – what’s the story behind the title?

Sweet Rebellion seems to be describing a wild child with a crazy life, but really it’s just someone trying to figure it out.  The album as a whole kind of takes you on a journey.  The first half is more of a story of love lost, love found, love in general.  Then it moves to more of a war-theme.  With love and war being major parts, the song Sweet Rebellion stuck out to us as a song we would use to represent the album as a whole.

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process was so fun.  This was originally going to be a 5-song EP, but we had a little too much fun writing and just couldn’t let go of some of these tunes.  So we decided to just blow it out and do a full album and even through some vinyls in the mix!  We recording the album in our home studio which was tons of fun.  We have lots of videos from those moments, which will be included in some of the video releases we’ll come out with in the next year.

How your personal relationship does influences the way you write the songs and its content?

Personal experiences from us and even just people in our lives, are a major part of the writing process.  So much that we sometimes have to be careful not to call some people out TOO much haha.  Writing music is like therapy sometimes.  You can take hurt and turn it into something beautiful that might help someone out there feel like they’re not alone.  And that’s such a beautiful thing.

What role does Nashville play in your music?

Nashville is amazing because co-writers, musicians, engineers, anything you need is down the street and a phone call away.  You can constantly create music in Nashville.  Easy to keep busy which we like.

How would you say you get to push the envelope with this record?

Musically we didn’t worry so much about where we would fit as far as genres go.  We just wrote and played music we love and we hope other people get it.  This was the first project we’ve done that we feel is 100% us.  And really represents what you would see at a live Blue Honey show.  Lyrically, some of the war type songs get pretty deep.  Which we hope will be interpreted well.  Either way, we love how everything turned out.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

The inspiration just came from the environment around us.  Whether it be personal past experiences of us as individuals, or something a close friend is going through, or general outlooks on life in general.  A lot of these songs came from us just sitting and talking about life and getting deep, then pulling out a guitar and just going with it.  Musically, we just tried to put these lyrics to a melody that would fit our live sound and be something that would showcase Troy’s guitar playing and both our harmonies.

Any plans to hit the road?

Absolutely.  Our twins are due March 5th.  We are hitting the road late May and will be busy from there out.  Luckily we have lots of family and friends to help out and we hope to take these babies with us as much as we can!  Two little backup dancers in the making, ha!

What else is happening next in Blue Honey’s world?

Right now we are focusing on pushing this album and follow it up with videos and maybe some more singles!  Live shows will be our focus for the upcoming year.  It’s going to be a CRAZY year but we are so excited about it!

You can hear their first single off the album, “Can You See Me,” here.

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