Hi Element, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

hey what up thanks for having me y’all!

things have been pretty crazy the past few months. i got married in august, picked up 3d rendering, and have been stock piling a ton of music for 2019.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single Pushing Everyone Away?

i wanted to embody both the insecurities i felt leaving san francisco, the beauty and pains of the distance between my loved ones, and my need to chase my dreams. Pushing Everyone Away stirred all these emotions of mine together. It’s homage to my past, and a yearning for my future.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

 i made this track about 1.5 years ago, about a couple years into moving to new york from san francisco. at the time, i felt a lot of guilt for moving to new york; i left all my friends and family back in the bay to build a life over here and pursue my dreams.

it ate me up inside so much because i felt the physical distance between me and my loved ones. i did somehow feel closer to them though.

Pushing Everyone Away is taken off of your new Patience EP, talk to us about the EP…

the ep is called Patience. with my previous ep Uprising was about overcoming my doubts to mentally prepare for the grind. Patience is about the grind itself. the grind is a rollercoaster of emotions.  from insecurities, to happiness, to frustration, to feelings of failure, to accomplishments. with this ep i wanted every single fabric of these emotions to play out in the perspective of my own experiences.

Is there a stand out track for you and if so, why?

honestly there isn’t, the ep couldve been bigger but i cut out all the tracks that i didnt feel were special enough to be on here. every one of these tracks had a ton of meaning to me. Pushing Everyone Away embodied my insecurities and yearning for something more. Movements showed me how to session with other artists in-person, create a bond, and transmute it into music. You was the most vibey/dreamy track i’ve made of late. and What You Done was homage to the Bay and my new wife.

How was the recording and writing process?

the past year i spent every weekday making a draft of whatever i had on my mind during that day. on the weekends i’d pick 2 of the best drafts and i’d flesh them out as much as i could into a full track. i’d repeat the process every week until my catalogue was good enough to select tracks for the EP. i’d also have sessions in person with a ton of artists, which is something new i’ve gotten into last year. i definitely feel like there is some magic making music in person with another artist, something i plan to do a lot more of.

What aspect of the underground trap and hip hop scene do you try to capture with your music?

i used to rap a while back, and i grew up listening to hip hop, so hip hop is deeply rooted in my music. there are times when i don’t even try to incorporating those elements into my music but they always end up finding their way in haha. i’m also from the bay, so i try to find a way to incorporate some hyphy shit into my tunes. p.s. that’s me saying “yee” on pushing everyone away haha

You were classically trained, how does this influence your production?

i think i’m only about 3 years into being classically trained, but it’s definitely shaped my perspective on music. i like incorporating a lot of strings with various movements, brass, flutes, cinematic drums into my music. i love listening to rachmaninoff and drawing inspiration from his ways of doing shit, he was the last of his kind from the romantic era and i think he really pioneered a lot of styles that came after him.

i think with some of the training i’ve gotten, it helped a lot with giving my music some extra flair and embellishment tonally, and helps serve as a guide for me on how to put my emotions on a sonic canvas.

What sort of releases can we expect next from Element?

Definitely expect a lot more music with some of my favorite topliners in the game. Also, expect sequels to Resurrection and Dimensions, two of my favorite cinematic/trap tracks to make.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

expect some things in January 🙂

Any plans to hit the road?

at the moment i’m putting my focus on my catalog, but definitely will be gearing up to hit the road soon <3

Listen to “Pushing Everyone Away”

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