How Does Tom Cruise Always Make It Out Alive

Death defying stunts has been proven to not always be easy to pull out, with a large number of stunts getting severely injured or even dying in the process. There’s an art, and as many within the industry have been vocal in the past few years, it’s certainly a field that needs to be awarded either with bigger salaries and/or a particular golden statue.

But there are times where one sits in front of the big, silver or small screen and wonders, how did they pull it off? But most importantly, is it possible to even archive such a stunt or it’s in that moment where the magic of cinema (and by magic I mean CGI) comes in and fool us all one way or another.

After reading a piece about it the other day, I started playing the mythbuster game and wonder how does one of the wildest and greatest stuntmen in the industry right now, a fella by the name of Tom Cruise, has been making some waves by becoming only a few of the short amount of actors that likes to do all their stunts by themselves… and are not called Jack. Well, except for that time he played Jack Reacher… but you understand what I’m saying.

Is he suicidal?

After doing a bit of research, I found this short clip where basically the man itself follows the mantra of other actors/stunts. Basically, they want “fans [to] feel it’s all real.” And he doesn’t want to archive by having the audience see him putting his own life for their entertainment, but actually he’s against the use of CGI. So all you see on screen is real, not only his stunts but the surroundings.


Older viewers might have a much vivid or earlier picture of some of Cruise’s insanities, but for me, it was about the time I catch on the fourth installment in the MI saga that me and most of the world realized how insane this man was.

Though he already had jumped from a building in the series (more specifically, MI3) and climbing some mountains – this particular stunt was basically a mix of both, with a plus. There were some trainings put into this, but here we are talking about a man scaling the tallest building in the world with pretty much none security. And wind, tons and tons of that stupid breeze coming at him and smashing into the building.

Taking Your Next Flight… A La F***ing Cruise

By now, you’ll maybe be aware about the fact that humans can’t fly… like birds, at least. Of course, we wouldn’t give up and so does, eventually, plane came to be and counting out all the tragedies and what not, it may be safe to say, this vehicle has proven to be the most effective and safe way of archiving our wildest dreams of reaching from the skies… or just moving from one place to another at much fastest speed.

However, if your name is Tom Cruise, however, you might have seen a lot of Twilight Zone or just enjoying the exterior architecture of the planes to the point of instead of sitting inside… you’ll just dangle in and enjoy the ride to your destination. Ok, perhaps that’s too much, but again, you all get the point.

In one of the stunts that so far he has to exceed, our friend Ethan Hunt went all insane to stop tragedy from happening as he climb and dangled in an airplane, taking the flight and just chillin in the sky.

According to DP, Robert Elswit:

“Tom was in a full body harness and he’s cabled and wired to the plane through [its] door. Inside the aircraft was an aluminum truss that was carefully bolted to the plane, which held the wires that went through the door, which held Tom,” the cinematographer said of safety measures. “He was also wearing special contact lenses to protect his eyes. If anything hit him at those speeds it could be really bad. They were very careful about cleaning the runway so there were no rocks. And we took off in certain weather conditions; there were no birds. And he’s sort of protected by the way the air moves over the wing.

“We did the takeoff twice, possibly three times. We taxied a lot. But the actual takeoff is so grueling and so specific, I think that may have been only twice.”


In the end, this are just two examples of what makes this man a legend. The man has inspired other actors to push themselves and go the extra mile, and even if we don’t agree with most of its worldviews, you gotta give credit where credit is due, the guy has, is and would be one of the greatest action heroes in cinema history. Sorry Dwayne.

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