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Haley Brooke drops new Single

Like a tidal wave emerging from the chop of the sea and crashing into the shore with a relaxed impunity that speaks to the simplicity of nature itself, the opening salvo of ebbing percussion that introduces us to Haley Brooke’s “One of These Days” is captivating and surreal, even if it is as fleeting as a whispering wind. Ever so slowly, the music evolves out of this percussion and suddenly takes on the shape of a wistful melody that is amplified in the muscular mix of the track. Brooke finds her way through the mist of tonality and starts to sing, and any notion that she’s about to impart to us anything but the unrelenting contents of her soul is dashed instantly.

At first her vocal seems glassy and distant from the rest of the instrumentation, but after a couple of verses it becomes clear that quite the opposite is true. Brooke is up close and personal with us in this song, plaintively sharing with us where her emotional state is at, and precisely how she got to this point. She doesn’t want to play with our heart or lure us into a false sense of security before sliding into some predictable diatribe about heartache, loss or loneliness. Her message here is so much more genuine and true; she can survive without us, but can we survive without her? When the chips are down and cards are on the table, she wants us to know not only where she’s at, but where she’s always been, though the good times and the bad

DEEZER: https://www.deezer.com/en/track/585840502?autoplay=true

The sizzle of a lightly overdriven electric guitar occasionally punctuates the words Brooke is dispensing with a casual swagger. Its reverberation seems to go on forever and into infinity, not unlike true love when it’s at its strongest, but it doesn’t draw the rest of the band into overindulgence. Brooke unflinchingly releases colorful emotional admissions as we get into the chorus, and without warning jettisons into jazz standards territory whenever the mood strikes her. The diversity of the arrangement supports her every whim, and even when this single embraces its eclecticism with open arms it’s far from the trite, meaningless experimentation of Brooke’s more electronically-inclined peers. This is Haley Brooke being herself and, from how it appears, enjoying every minute of it.

“One of These Days” isn’t the streamlined pop fodder that you’d typically expect to encounter when browsing through the new releases section of a mainstream record vendor, but its unique construction and white hot lyricism both set it apart and make its elegiac hook so much warmer and relatable than what most of Haley Brooke’s contemporaries have had to offer in recent years. Brooke is still a fairly new player in her scene and on the international spectrum as well, but if this is only a glimpse at what her expanding discography is going to look like in 2019, my gut tells me that she’s going to succeed the success garnered by her debut single “Where You Are” much sooner than any of us could have anticipated.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/0VTrKV0hZ1igT2c2McrJ7D

by Jodi Marxbury

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