The Electronic Music Industry in Singapore

Electronic music derives its name from the usage of electronic musical appliances, digital instruments, and circuitry-based music innovation. The main players of electronic music in Singapore have been its nightclubs, with Zouk being at the top. The common perception among Singaporeans is that nightclubs are a means of entertainment, although not so much for music. However, new venues are coming up that are dedicated to music styling and direction, and they include Kyo and Kilo Lounge. Additionally, festivals have become a great success in the field and draw large audiences. For example, ZookOut ranks high, and other large-scale electronic music events, like Road to Ultra and Laneway Festival, have become very famous in Singapore.

Electronic music consumption and proliferation

When it comes to electronic music consumption, streaming services including Rdio, Spotify, and Apple Music have become popular among the more casual listeners. Youtube and Soundcloud are the main avenues for music discovery, and the process is facilitated by Soundhoud and Shazam, which are applications that identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows in seconds by using the microphone to pick up on sound. Radio is still very instrumental as a platform among young and old music lovers.

The electronic music industry

As far as the electronic music industry is concerned, there have been significant efforts by some record labels to build their name in the international space and to transform local events and productions. Nevertheless, there is still so much that needs to be done to have a well established infrastructure and business models that support local musical talent. This is the case because the Singapore environment does not encourage creative talent to thrive, forcing Singaporeans with creative aspirations to go and establish themselves overseas in cities such as Melbourne, London, and Los Angeles.

Popular genres of electronic music in Singapore

Whether you intend to travel to Singapore, are new in the city-state, or are working on establishing your overseas company there, you should know about the representative office, as well as the island state’s favorite genres of electronic music. The most popular kinds of electronic music in Singapore include house, techno, and deep house.


The house genre can be traced from the US back in the early ’80s. The innovative electronic sound originated from the relatively affordable digital music production gear that was initially available due to silicon chip evolution. House emerged as the voice of the oppressed. The genre combined Gospel music, disco, and R&B, and it was taken up by the UK, which brought it to a new level of prominence.


Techno has its origins in Detroit in the mid-to-late 1980s. In reference to a genre of recorded music, the term “techno” was first used in 1988. Many techno versions exist today, but Detroit techno is perceived to be the basis from which other sub-genres have arisen. Detroit techno is a blend of black sounds, such as funk, Chicago house, electro, and electric jazz, with electronic music.

Deep House

Deep house is a sub-genre of house music that emerged in the 1980s. It originally fused features of Chicago house, 1980s jazz funk, and soul music.

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