CD REVIEW: Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music For The World by Greg Herriges

In case you didn’t notice, the holidays are here! That means, not only the stores and TV networks are putting their touches into their catalogues and programming – but also artists around the world are bringing their own spin into both classics and originals. Some bring on their A game, while others just go on mimicking and doing more of the same. However, there’s a small group, that comes with something different and unique, something often mesmerizing and creatively that can make it or break it to their targeted audience or just any random individual willing to give it a listen.

Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music For The World by Greg Herriges finds itself within the latter category as its mastermind wants to bring their own special theme and jingle to not your usual cultures, but pretty much everyone. The inclusive holiday record you could probably find in any store out there, doesn’t play the tokenism game; but rather genuinely embraces the sound of each distinctive ethnical group or religion.

“Birijina Gazetto Bat Zegoen” is not your ordinary Christian song, instead Herriges does his own take about the Annunciation, also known as “The Angel Gabriel,” by playing with traditional Folklore and Flamenco and gypsy culture and melodies. “Garuda/Khelat Rang Holi” is almost like the DC version of your typical Hindi song as while there’s a sense of joy, there are also some subtle dark undertones. This rather nostalgic and gloomy elements can also be felt in “Sakura, Sakura”.

As the album seeks inspiration from different cultures, the album never feels consistent but rather dynamic, always bringing some interesting and pretty unique melodies into the table that not everyone around the world are normally used to. Anyone willing to listen awesome music, will definitely enjoying on repeat this record. But I can see some people with rather close and niche tastes might get bored easily.


Criteria - 100%


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In the end, Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music For The World by Greg Herriges is not just an album for the world, but about it. Throughout its more than 30+ minutes run, listeners will find themselves into a journey into creative minds of many around the globe. The nice acoustic arrangements that gives each song this nice touch of Progressive Rock, helps elevating what it could’ve become just another holiday album, but instead becomes much greater.

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