10 Best Music Videos of 2018

Still mesmerized by the music videos you used to watch earlier? Or are you looking for music to hear while you play your favorite games after reading a review of energy casino?  Well, we have quite a bunch of impressive music videos to watch before this year ends. Some of these videos are pleasing to the eyes, some are dark and have gruesome reality to show, and some are just fancy and peppy.

  1. No Tears Left to Cry (Ariana Grande)

The whole video is an optical illusion that is just incredibly done. String lights, ceiling lamps turning into floor lamps and she walks on every side of the wall, adds so much intensity to the video. Plus, Ariana looks amazing in it wearing different gowns.

  1. Thank U, Next (Ariana Grande)

We have another one to count on by Ariana. The music video incorporated many people and artists, like Jonathan Bennett and Jennifer Coolidge, both from Mean Girls and Legally blonde. It’s actually a graceful track, that topped the chart and today’s pop-culture; Colorful and peppy.

  1. Fallingwater (Maggie Rogers)

The video creates an aura of art and beauty throughout. The amazing cinematography is worth the watch and needs more appreciation for the aesthetics. Maggie Rogers is a 24 years old singer from Maryland and is sure to hit every house with her upcoming album: Heard it in a Past Life.

  1. Apes**T (The Carters)

When the couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z enters the museum of France, a lot of amazing stuff happen there. The video showcases Louvre, the museum that holds Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, beautiful dancing people, the history, and much more to prove that art can come to life through music. Undoubtedly pleasing to the eyes.

  1. God’s Plan (Drake)

This particular video is one to watch and get teary by the end of it. Drake goes out distributing money and gifts to people who actually need it, making them happy and emotional. Surprisingly, he spent about $175,000 in a grocery shopping by gifting them goods from the store and then later scholarship money to the students for college, gifted toys to children and cash to random family he met. The video itself is touching and makes one happy, indeed.

  1. Rang Tang Ring Toon (Mountain Man)

This three and half minute video is the most relaxing thing to watch on Youtube. Its family, friend, cooking, singing, dancing everywhere, really charming and delightful.

  1. This is America (Childish Gambino)

Here in the video you’ll watch Donald Glover shoot a man point-blank in the beginning few seconds, that actually represents the reality of the American violence epidemic faced. A little disturbing and a little eye-opening.

  1. All the Starts (Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA)

This song was initially intended for the movie Black Panther. The visuals of the video focuses on Afrofuturism, a cultural aesthetic, science and philosophy that explores the developing intersection of African or African Diaspora culture with technology.

  1. Toy (Young Fathers)

The video is a parody of the dictators who run the world, and there are children who are now taking charge of everything and giving out orders. The constant usage of the lines, you’re just a broken little toy, a silly little boy, is a mockery of the world leaders.

  1. Hot Bottom Feeder (Clutch)

If you’re looking out for recipes and want to enjoy music too, here is one for the eyes and ears. Clearly they are entertaining as well as educational at the same time. So plug in and enjoy!

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