INTERVIEW: David Allen

1. Hi David, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey there! I’m great thanks, and thank you for this interview!

2. Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Drifter”?

Drifter is my last release of 2018. If I have to describe the track with one word I would say “deepness”. I think this is one of my best tracks so far and one of the most emotional. I believe it is the perfect example of how the music I listen to inspires me on a daily basis. I might listen to a track and the emotions that are generated from the listening are the ones that then push me to write a track myself.

3. Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

There is a vocal sample in the breakdown, which is a small part of a huge track of 1984, I wasn’t even born… everything started from there. I am one of those artists who never gets bored of music so even when I’m not in the studio, I dogenuinely enjoy listening to music so inspirations are everywhere for me.

4. Any plans to release a video for the single?

Sure! There is a video planned to be out around Decembre 21st. I really enjoy working closely with Dr. Shiver and our video-graphic team at Art&Music Recording because they give me the chance to express myself in the graphics and videos of my tracks. It’s something not every artist has the opportunity to do so I feel very lucky.

5. What role does Italy play in your music?

Italy is my country, I was born here, I live here and I make music here, in the biggest Italian studios, the Art&Music Studios and with Art&Music Recording which is one of the main dance record labels here in Italy. So Italy plays a very important role in my music career, it’s part of my roots and it’s where everything started.

6. How has David Guetta influenced your writing?

I think David Guetta can now be seen as a “whole” artist: he can do anything from more edm/dance songs to pop anthems so I think he inspired me to always keep a 360° view on my music. I learnt I don’t have to focus on a single genre but if one day I’m feeling pop, I can do pop. If one day I’m feeling house, I can do house. If I feel techno, so be it.

7. Any plans to hit the road?

One thing that my mentor Dr. Shiver has taught me is that you always have to go big: “go big or go home”. So all I can say for now is that, yes, there might be something in the making but you can be sure that when I hit the road, I’m gonna go super big.

8. What else is happening next in David Allen’s world?

Well, I’m looking forward to Christmas break, even if it’s going to be a short one let’s just say that! The past 3 months have been the craziest of the past years; a lot of projects to work on, writing camps, new productions. My brain is a bit swollen. 2019 is going to be huge and you can expect a lot from me.

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