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20 Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Ever Worked A Reception Desk

Those who work or have worked as a receptionist have a special understanding and bond for the unique work situations they experience. The humorous stories they share tend to occur in nearly every office over the reception desk. These 20 jokes will prepare you for the worst if you’re looking for a job as a receptionist.

Office Haikus Offers Unique Insight

The hilarious Twitter account, @OfficeHaikus, offers personal insight into the inner workings of a corporate office. Whether covering the giving or receiving end of the office grief, these comedy haikus provoke a laugh.

  1. “I’ll get back to you”

Most popular lie I tell

Sorry not sorry

@OfficeHaikus Oct. 12, 2018

  1. ‘that your family?

No, these framed photo are stock

Just tell me your needs

@OfficeHaikus Oct. 5, 2018

  1. “I’m far too busy”

I can see your calendar

In fact, you are free

@OfficeHaikus Sept. 27, 2018

 It Could Be True or Just a Joke

These riotous tales modified from Jokes for Us could be true or just a joke. They’ll prepare you for what could happen though.

If you’ve ever tried to personalize the service you’re providing to clients and it went totally wrong, you’ll get this story from a major hotel chain.

  1. One front desk clerk went over and above to try to make guests feel a little more special as they checked into the convention hotel where he worked. To go one further on Southern manners at this Williamsburg, Va. location the clerk at the reception desk would glance at the last name on the credit card the guest handed over. One very busy check-in day, a guest handed over a corporate credit card.

The clerk chirped, “Welcome to Williamsburg, Mr. Bell.”

“Oh, please,” the businessman replied, “call me Taco.”

Sometimes, you’ll find a person who is happy the party they need isn’t in the office. Ever.

  1. A man calls a law office and asks to speak his wife’s divorce attorney.

The receptionist replies, “I’m sorry sir, but he died last week.”

The next day the man calls again and asks the same question. The receptionist again replies, “I’m sorry, sir, but as I told you yesterday, he died last week.”

The next day the man phones a third time and asks to speak to his wife’s divorce attorney. By then the receptionist is a bit annoyed and says, “Sir! I keep telling you, your wife’s attorney died last week. Why do you keep calling?”

The man replies, “Because I just love hearing it!”

If you’re really new to working reception or as an executive assistant, here’s the basic difference between working the front desk at a company and working as a personal or private assistant.

  1. What’s the difference between a front desk receptionist and a personal receptionist? The front desk receptionist says, “Good Morning, Boss.” The personal receptionist says, “It’s morning, Boss.”

Prepare yourself for the not so politically correct world of big business. Bosses can be bullies or simply crass.

  1. The new division director needed his female receptionist’s help setting up his computer. He was attempting to assert himself as the dominant one, so when asked what he’d like to use as a password he smugly said, “dick.” Without a word, the receptionist entered the word. She fought to hold her laughter when the computer responded with the error message, “PASSWORD REJECTED. NOT LONG ENOUGH!”

 More from Twitter: Receptionist’s Real Lives

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to look or seem friendly.

  1. Having Resting Nice Face is a real struggle a man poured his soul out to me while he was waiting for HR to come greet him. #ReceptionistProblems

@AbadCourtney Dec. 14, 2018


It’s a first world problem when your office and the company’s lobby are one and the same.

  1. i love when ppl conduct business in the lobby rather than in their offices #receptionistproblems

@Maggie__My Dec. 6, 2018

  1. I just accidentally said good morning to someone at 10:57pm #receptionistproblems

@noregretels Sept. 14, 2018

Here are a few choice moments that happen almost daily. Some occur seasonally but if you work in reception, you can relate.

  1. No, sorry, I don’t want to go into the men’s washroom to tell him you’re on hold. #receptionistproblems

@lacey_o Dec. 27, 2017

  1. It’s 11:45 AM. I’ve already heard “Twelve Days of Christmas” three times. I appreciate your prayers. #receptionistproblems

@SarahTheWells Dec. 3, 2017

  1. “Hi, are you open today?” Nope I just sit here on my day off waiting for “the one.” #receptionistproblems

@AlexandraLydiaC July 6, 2017

  1. *on the phone at work* caller: Hi we spoke yesterday, do you remember me? Me: nooo.. I don’t remember who I spoke with 5 minutes ago #receptionistproblems

@Chelseasawesome Oct. 24, 2017

  1. A real life thing that happens at least once a day:

Caller: Hi you called me?

Me: I didn’t call you, but someone from the office probably did. Did they happen to leave a voicemail?

Caller: Yeah but I didn’t listen to it. Do you know why they called?


@megsbrunk July 10, 2017

  1. People who hang up when I put them on hold and then call back being like “something happened” ….yeah I put you on hold you impatient idiot ???? #receptionistproblems

‏@HappyFeetBenson May 3, 2017

  1. “So and so is not in the office right now but if you try calling back 3 times in the next 10 minutes perhaps they will magically appear” #receptionistproblems

@emilybones Dec. 3, 2017

  1. I laugh triumphantly when my #fax goes through on the 9,357th attempt. #nftc #officelife #receptionistproblems

@cubicledog Aug. 13, 2017

  1. I’ve gotten into the habit of dialing 9 before making calls on my cell #receptionistproblems

@kellsbells_95 Feb. 7, 2017

  1. A company puts me on hold

Me: ok sure we’ll see who wins this battle I’ll be on hold all day but you’re going to talk to me! Me 2 mins later: wow ok bye this is ridiculous #receptionistproblems

@izzy9710 Jan. 10, 2017

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