Why are Musicians Choosing Instagram to Gain Followers and How Can You do the Same?

As a musician, you are likely already aware that the industry can be rather unforgiving on occasion.  Audiences are known to be fickle and being able to secure a loyal following has never been easy; particularly if you are just starting out.  While elements such as inherent talent and motivation are obviously important if you hope to succeed, there are other tools which can help you to break through into a truly massive marketplace.  Why are the most famous musicians taking to the digital community and why have they chosen Instagram as their platform of choice?  How can you do the same?  The suggestions mentioned below will help to extricate you from the class of the “starving artist” and enable you to grow with your art.  If you are looking to gain a larger audience in 2019, please read on.  You will find this information quite interesting, regardless of your level of expertise or experience.

Birds of a Feather

What to artists such as Cher, Britney Spears and Metallica all have in common?  It is certainly not their music. On the contrary, all of these groups boast Instagram accounts associated with countless followers (some well into the millions).  Of course, part of the reason for their success within this portal revolves around their presence within the musical community. However, we also need to remember that some of the fastest-growing indie artists have already employed Instagram to their advantage. Why has this portal become so very important to the artistic community as a whole?

The rise of mobile devices has dramatically changed the ways in which we access the Internet. While laptops and personal computers still exist, the rise of the smartphone has taken the world by storm. One visit to the average Applebee’s will certainly confirm this fact.  Instagram caters to this community, as it is primarily associated with media and brief snippets of text.  In other words, the content will display much easier when compared to other portals such as Facebook. The pages themselves also tend to load much faster;  an obvious concern for those with slow connection speeds.  Artists have picked up on this trend; whether or not they are aware of the technical benefits.  There is no reason why you cannot embrace the very same approach.

Where to Begin

As a musician, you do not likely have a great deal of time to delve into the more complicated aspects of social media marketing. It is for this reason that we will keep things simple and straight to the point.  You will first need to set up an Instagram account. Although the process itself is straightforward and will take no more than a few minutes, there are a few hints to keep in mind along the way:

– Keep in mind branding when creating the name of your page.

– Link this page to your other social media accounts (more on this later).

– Be sure to create posts based around your music as well as the interest of your fans.

The last suggestion will take a bit of trial and error, as not all approaches will prove successful.  Still, you need to be more concerned about gaining followers in the beginning.  You can hone your strategy once you possess a strong base of followers.

The Concept of Cross-Channel Marketing

Let’s imagine that you have successfully established your Instagram page and you are beginning to post material.  This is by no means the end of the journey. You need to get your name out there.  For example, would you continue to play the same gig at the same club in hopes of success?  Certainly not.  Keep this principle in mind in order to further understand how to get followers on Instagram.  It is therefore a good idea to briefly mention a concept known as cross-channel marketing.  This is essentially another way of describing the process of linking your Instagram amount to other pages such as your Facebook profile and any official website.  Cross-channel marketing will increase your online exposure and help to boost your rankings on search engine pages such as Google.

Another powerful strategy is to interact with other musicians and bands who are similar to your genre.  Commenting and sharing their posts will encourage them to take similar actions.  Never forget that your Instagram “footprint” will grow larger every time you interact with another and respond to a viral post.  To put it simply, networking is a powerful tool at your disposal and it should be used to your advantage.

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Patience and Diligence

It will indeed take a good deal of time and effort to gain a considerable number of Instagram followers and yet, this dream is entirely within your reach if you follow the tips and tricks mentioned throughout this article. There is no reason why the online community should represent a stumbling block; it should instead provide you with a path to artistic success.

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