Hi Anakim, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been great, thanks for having me!. 2018 has treated me well and now I’m just getting ready for some final shows to close out the year and move into 2019 with a bang.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Mastodon”? This being part of a compilation – how did that come about? Was there a different approach to the music?

The funny thing about this track is I actually never intended to release it! I made this track at the end of 2017 and being ever so hypercritical of my own work I thought the track was good for about a day and then quickly changed my mind. I happened to show Andrew Conde, label manager for Understated Recordings, the track at the beginning of this year and he loved it. Fast forward to a few months ago and he inquired about it again and convinced me to release it on their label. I was hesitant about it so Andrew suggested we put it on the compilation. I finally agreed and I can’t tell you how happy and grateful Andrew convinced me to do so. The track has gotten incredible support by some of the top DJs in dance music across the world and the compilation itself reached #1 on Beatport across multiple genres, so I honestly couldn’t be happier about how everything turned out.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

It was the first time I had been experimenting with creating a more techno-leaning, festival stomping type of sound. I hate to use this term, but I wanted to make a techno “banger”, so to speak, something that would sound massive on a mainstage. Mastodon is what came out.

How was the recording and writing process?

I finished this track in about three weeks. It went through about four different variations until I settled on the track as it is today.

What aspect of the underground scene do you try to capture with your music?

Whatever the dark, sexy, and mysterious may be. I try to take you into deep space with my music, a place that’s a dark and sexy sonic landscape inviting you to lose yourself on the dancefloor.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than on your own?

I think I’m a bit more playful when I’m collaborating with someone else. I can be a bit serious in the studio when it’s just myself, but when I’m working with someone else a more playful nature comes out and I’m always in wonderment about what the other producer I’m working with brings to the table.

What sort of releases can we expect next from Anakim?

I have a remix coming out for my friend who goes by the name LUNR. He’s a labelmate of mine over at mau5trap, but this remix happens to be coming out on a label I can’t mention just yet. What I can say is it’s a label owned by Universal Music Group and I think people are going to be really surprised with this remix once they hear it.

Aside from that I have a track coming out early 2019 on this fantastic German label called Paradise Circus. I have a few collaborations in the works that I’m extremely excited about, as well as a couple EPs I’m in talks with a few different labels with about signing.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

All the projects I’ve spoken about should be released within the first two quarters of 2019.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! 2019 should be the year.

When it comes to residency – does the approach to your performances tends to change or do you try to capture the same presence and vibe from your average shows?

The approach to my performances for my residency at Sound Nightclub varies depending on which artist I’m opening for and what their sound is. That determines what kind of vibe I need to create in order for the headliner to have a warmed up room and seamless transition. For example, the type of opening set I’d deliver for an artist like Yotto is something completely different than what I would do for an artist like Matt Lange, but each set would still very much have that unique Anakim sound I’ve crafted and honed over the last few years.

When I’m the headliner it’s a totally different ball game and I absolutely bring the fire.

What else is happening next in Anakim’s world?

It’s no fun if you give away all the secrets 😉

His next show is on New Year’s at Sound Nightclub:

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