Ian Munro

Ian Munro’s Excels With “Fever Dream”

Talented producer Ian Munro has been steadily making a name for himself in the bass music scene. With endless support from UZ and his Quality Goods Records platform, his new single “Fever Dream” is another hard-hitting effort that we’ve had on repeat since first listen.

Having collaborated with Awoltalk for “Lost In You” earlier this year, “Fever Dream” features a deep bassline that blends his signature snare claps and off-kilter synths. The New Zealander strives for a unique creative vision with each release he makes, and more than achieves this.

He says of the single: “Fever Dream is about how sickness can distort and manipulate your perspective — shaping your thinking and your mindset. It’s about waking up and realising it was always only in your head. Fever Dream is the first entry in to a new chapter of music. It’s the product of a couple of years of crippling self-doubt culminating into a new sense of direction, drive and passion.”

With an EP rumoured to be in the works for Quality Goods in 2019, we can’t wait to see what Ian Munro comes up with next! Take a listen to his new release below.

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