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Jaialai release Hold the Phone

Jaialai’s “Hold the Phone” isn’t the band’s first release, they have treated their growing fan base musical goodness since their 2017 EP release When I’m On the Run, but it’s for sure their most fully realized effort to date. This four man band hailing from the Sunshine State specializes in delivering indie rock with a slightly trippy vibe, but never vague and wide off the mark; instead, their melodic gifts are considerable. “Hold the Phone” never has an exaggerated line of attack, however, as the four minute forty seven song unfolds at a luxurious pace while still having a potent effect on listeners thanks to some stellar drumming, electronic colors, and an impressive two guitar sound. It’s a song grabbing your attention from the time it starts and holds it throughout.

The band utilizes more than a single vocalist in their approach, but guitarists Oscar Sardinia and Jose Vincino Adames have just as much chemistry in that facet of their presentation as they do with their six string work. The remainder of the band’s lineup, including a fluid rhythm section of drummer Richard Boulton and bassist Mario Lemus, provide a considered and immensely musical foundation for this song without ever making themselves omnipresent; instead, their work enables everything else to flourish.

It has a great sound, without a doubt. I really enjoyed how it wafts by listeners, in some ways, but likewise have a juxtaposition of often assertive musical elements that creates an all important sense of dynamics for this sort of music. There’s never any sense of them going outside the lines – meaning there aren’t any virtuoso trips with this tune, no overplaying. Instead, this young unit has laid down a focused musical identity from themselves that carries the listeners through without ever losing them along the way.

Making your way in the musical world today, anticipating some level of success, is a harder proposition than ever before. The scene is diffuse, fragmented – listeners have an abundance of entertaining choices for them to latch onto and, often, making your voice heard above the din of competing artists and acts is a difficult job. Jaialai, however, may get there because they aren’t aiming solely at entertaining listeners. Instead, “Hold the Phone” comes from a place deep within and a need to give it shape and form while still remaining accessible for listeners. It’s an impressive achievement from a band that has only started blazing their trail in today’s musical world.

There will be more to come. “Hold the Phone” is one of the most appealing singles I’ve heard in some time with a musical tapestry woven from myriad influences and the connective tissue is capped off by the relaxed, yet heartfelt, singing from the first verse onward. I can’t wait to hear further work from this band as they continue to grow and develop while I likewise advise any interested listeners to likewise raid their previous releases so they better understand what enormous talents are in the offing with Jaialai.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hold-the-phone-single/1441606604?ls=1&app=itunes

by Joshua Corbin

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