The Australian music scene is filled with conscious indie musicians who focus deeply on the lyrics of the songs they create, and for Sydney, Australia’s own Ankur, the crafting of each line is as important as the music that companies them. A pop/alternative/Hip Hop Artist, Ankur challenges the mumble scene with his thoughtful story-driven themes and easy to understand vocal style.

Recently releasing his new EP ‘Shades,’ Ankur has pulled no emotional punches while making songs that aim to help free the minds of listeners that feel a sense of stagnation in their lives. From the cold cubicle feel of an every day regular job, the rejection and abandonment of those around us, and the inevitability of those we care about moving on; ‘Shades’ is an EP that is packed with life lessons and meditative thoughts. On the surface, new listeners of “Shades’ might feel that this album hangs out in the despondent and dreary side of things, but to the aware listener, ‘Shades’ plays out much more positively.

Songs like ‘Stay or Leave’ and ‘Prove’ ask important questions of the listener, by reflecting on the darkness found within the singer, and then shining a hopeful light on that dark emotional space.

It is a fine balance of smooth Hip-Hop and Pop that feels very much at home with the likes of ‘Fort Minor,’ ‘Mac Miller,’ and ‘Hilltop Hoods.’

Every song off ‘Shades’ feels like a diary entry and open invitation into the reflective mind of Ankur, and by the end of the album you feel as if you know this artist on a more personal level.

Ankur’s strength as musician lies in the depth of his lyrics, which he bases on a foundation of ideas inspired by self-improvement, introspection, and the desire to empower his listeners to move forward from the place they are standing still.

For Ankur, music is a conscious journey through a dark place with a guiding light at the end of the tunnel; a hopeful place filled with warmth.

The production on ‘Shades; is straight out radio-ready and easy to like, and if you enjoy thoughtful Pop/Alternative/Hip-Hop music, then I suggest that you take a moment to hear what Ankur is offering the music scene with the beautifully crafted ‘Shades’ EP.

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