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Hi Lavender, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?


Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Gravitude”?

I think people dig it when I play it at electronic music shows because it’s in 1/3 time signature as opposed to 4/4 or 2/4 which are normally used for music programming. I’m also playing an electric guitar I was recently gifted. It’s black and beautiful and I called it “Dragonfly”

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song? I was going through a breakup and this song came out. Asking for deeper wisdom to navigate through a life storm. I like the idea of using music as an medium of communicating with some kind of higher power to receive knowledge of this great mystery called life .

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

My friend Alyssa Stubbs aka Earthcandy is an amazing fire dancer from Long Beach and I thought of her when brainstorming on video ideas for this song  . It was perfect, we filmed it in one night! Alyssa is such a queen!

Why naming the album after this song in particular?

I made up this word: Gravitude…from gratitude and gravity= some kind of earthly synthesis of two powerful natural phenomena.

How was the recording and writing process?

I recorded it in my home studio, programmed drums in Ableton, then laid down the guitar track, then vocals and harmonies, mixed it all together and my friend Anthony from Papadosio band helped me master it.

What role does LA play in your music?

LA is definitely a hub for tons of incredibly creative individuals and I love that! Just being around other artists of different mediums is so important for me. We all get inspired from each other, pushing each other to be better at our craft !

Known for playing with different genres – how do you go on balancing all these different influences together?

It comes naturally. I make music that me myself would enjoy listening and dancing too. So combining different genres is just a natural evolution of all my influences. Plus I’m always looking for a new sound, I love experimentation! Because you never know when you can create new awesome genre! This is what being an artist is all about to me. Always discovering new ways of inspiring people, bringing sonic beauty into the world, creating new styles and genres that might have never existed before!

How Bob Marley and Tchaikovsky has influence your writing?

Tchaikovsky, his music is just so magical! I spent my childhood playing and listening to classical music, it was always on the background and I think it just made such an imprint on my consciousness that I have a very special place for that magic in my music. It’s like never loosing that childlike innocence and looking at the world with fresh exciting eyes of a child, a sure way to not miss out on the magic all around us. And Bob Marley, his music reached so deep into my heart and I’m sure the hearts of so many people in the world. It really speaks to all beings. He is like a teacher to me, his message is one of universal love for all humanity . I don’t find many artists who have had such determination and sense of mission with their music . Bob Marley has been such an inspiration to my life. Promoting peace, you know, unity and love…how can you not love that. Plus reggae music is my favorite kind of music ever. I think perhaps cuz the beat goes up as opposed to down in other genres. That’s why it’s so uplifting. Ya mon! I would love to go down to Jamaica one day to record an album, soak up that island vibe wnd express it through my music.

What aspect of your life did you get to explore on this record?

The aspect of gratitude. Always being grateful for the good and the bad. As they say in Buddhism: every good thing is a blessing, every bad is purification  . So true! We learn more about ourselves when things don’t go our way sometimes.

Any plans to hit the road?

I am planning a European tour for the spring and summer. And will be playing around LA this winter! Looking forward to all of that!

What else is happening next in Lavender Fields’ world?

I am producing a full acoustic album this December. The album will be focusing on healing songs. Songs that I’ve written that bring peace. People have  been asking me forever to make an acoustic album so I’m finally doing it in beautiful Colorado next month! I hope this album of “Medicine songs” bring so much peace into the world, cuz the songs are truly from my heart. I’m excited to explore the world of spring instruments and orchestral arrangements for this album. I’m also planning on teaming up with a lavender plant company to expand my Lavender planting project “Light Up The World” and plant a serious amounts of these purple flowers all over when I go on tour this coming spring. I love the idea of leaving Lavender trails behind as I travel the world and play music! And who knows, maybe in a hundred years from now they will all be blooming and thriving! lavenders attract bees so that’s a double win win situation! Perhaps people get inspired and start planting more purple flowers too! Which would make me so happy ????????????

Watch “Gravitude” Here

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