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Avicii, the EDM Star with A Fragile Soul

The death of Avicii on April 20, 2018, triggered a shock effect that was felt right across the music world and beyond. The famous 28-year-old was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Initially, all his management did right after the incident was to confirm the death of the native Swede without revealing anything more specific about the background.

However, many people knew that since 2014 Avicii had severe health complaints. He struggled with the after-effects of appendectomy and gallbladder surgery, which, according to the American Rolling Stone, he had to undergo because of excessive alcohol consumption. He also suffered from acute pancreatitis in the past.

As a result, in March 2016, he announced his first official declaration that his music career was over. He did then revise that statement shortly after, promising no further live tours.

Is the exact cause of death still unknown?

People’s magazine reported that Avicii’s family had phoned him while he was on vacation. They worried about his mental state. His brother promptly flew to Oman to bring him back home. However, he arrived a few hours too late. His brother was already dead.

Shortly afterwards, the musician’s management said in a statement: ‘In deep sadness, we have to announce the death of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii, who was found dead in Muscat, Oman on Friday afternoon; his family is devastated, and we ask you all to respect the privacy of the family in this difficult time. At present, nothing is known about the circumstances of his death.’

After two autopsies were conducted, the police excluded foul play

The authorities held back more detailed information. The Swedish TV station SVT quoted this stance from a police statement: ‘We have all the information. We know what happened, but we will not pass on the details to the media at the family’s request,’ the officials said.

Similarly, Avicii’s spokeswoman, Ebba Lindqvist, said: ‘The family is devastated, and we ask everyone to respect their need for privacy in this difficult time.’

Since the authorities in Oman suspected no crime behind the death of the 28-year-old, they promptly prepared the transport of his body to Sweden.

The matter of his death was concluded with an emotional statement – The Swedish EDM star’s family made it clear that the 28-year-old had voluntarily left this world. So, for us, we can safely say that no matter how tragic, Avicii departed this life peacefully.

An outpouring of grief circulated the planet

DJ greats such as David Guetta and Kygo remembered the Swedish musician and their colleague during performances at the Coachella Festival in California. Shortly before he was set to perform, Kygo stepped up to the microphone and announced: ‘Avicii was the reason why I started to make music. I do not think I would be standing here tonight had it not been for him. He was a real musical genius.’

What about Avicii’s career?

His rise began in 2011 – The song ‘Levels’ made Avicii world famous and catapulted him into the top 10 internationally. After that, there were many more hits like ‘I Could Be the One,’ or ‘Wake Me Up,’ or ‘Hey Brother’ or ‘Waiting for Love’ – Whatever Avicii did turned into a roaring success. Before he knew it, he was world famous in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene and one of its most talented artists.

Almost two years ago, Avicii announced to the world on Facebook that he would no longer perform live and would instead focus on his life as the person behind the artist: ‘Hello World, thank you so much for helping me fulfill my dreams for so many years. I’ll forever be grateful to have achieved all this with the help of my team and my beloved fans,.’

He further explained himself on tour through the USA with his friends and team. He had an epiphany or a vision of what was to come – it was when he realized that he had already achieved so much but would nor have the time to complete all of his dreams: ‘I grew up working as an artist; I got to know myself better, and I’ve noticed that there’s so much I still want to do with my life; I have strong interests in many different areas, but there’s not enough time to live them out.’

Avicii was one of the highest paid DJs in the world. According to a Forbes ranking, he earned about 28 million dollars in 2014 alone.

The Swede also worked with Chris Martin (Coldplay), Jon Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, and Madonna. The British DJ Magazine named him the third-best disc jockey in 2012 and 2013. He was still ranked 28th on the top 100 list in 2017.

Colleagues mourn Avicii

Many artists showed their deep affection and admiration for the young Swedish star on social networks. The German star DJ Zedd wrote: ‘No words can describe the sadness I feel.’

Rita Ora wrote on Twitter: ‘I remember how great it was to record ‘Lonely’ with him. It feels like it was only yesterday when we last talked to each other.’

But questions remain.

Was he planning a live comeback to live stage?

Before his untimely death, Avicii had been working intensively on his new album, according to some sources up to 16 hours a day. His management also had plans to send him back on tour. However, Avicii resisted this move vehemently and stuck to his quest only to produce music in the studio.

Was he falling back into old habits?

The Swede drank alcohol excessively for years. After several hospital stays, he claimed to have forsaken drinking. Presently, rumors linger that he continued to drink despite the health risks. One day before his death, a photograph was made public of him on a yacht with friends. In his hand, he held a glass which suspicious-looking contents. Was it a mocktail or a cocktail? We will probably never know. How much the star drank toward his end will remain a secret.

What was the actual cause of death?

The 28-year-old’s actual cause of death is still unknown. The police in Oman ruled out a crime. Could his health problems be the cause? Two years ago Bergling retired from live performances. He was afraid that he would be sucked back into a whirlpool of alcohol and party excesses if he had to keep on touring.

The excessive consumption of alcohol, the lack of sleep and the life on tour had surely had serious health consequences for the Swede: His pancreas became inflamed, and in 2014, he had to surgically remove the gallbladder and appendix. However, there was never a more indepth update about his health after that point

Where is he buried?

According to People.com, his parents, his two brothers and his sister traveled to Oman to take care of the body’s retrieval. Tim Berling was then laid to rest in a private ceremony in Skogskyrkogården (Woodland Cemetery) in southern Stockholm. It is a Unesco world heritage site that seamlessly blends vegetation and architectural elements. The Swedish actor Greta Garbo is buried there.

And finally, was he in a relationship?

In recent years, the star DJ is said to have fallen in love twice. Avicii had a relationship with student Emily Goldberg between 2011 and 2013. Shortly after his death, she wrote on Instagram: ‘Wake me up when it’s over because I do not want it to be true.’ She even published a private chat history between the two of them.

But was Emily Goldberg Avicii’s last love?

Tereza Kacerova came out as Avicii’s last true love with a series of emotional Instagram posts. The star DJ and the Czech model had kept their relationship secret from the public. After his death on April 20, Kacerova no longer wanted their love to remain silent and said goodbye to her lover in a lengthy public statement.

Many fans of the deceased star criticized Kacerova’s decision to publicize the relationship after Avicii’s death. The allegations: The star DJ always considered his privacy important and would not have wanted to push his death into the limelight.

Tereza Kacerova countered. ‘I do not have to be to everyone’s liking. Critics can suck some c–’ She continued, ‘Recently, someone died who was very close to me. There are so many things I would’ve liked to tell him, but I never talked to him again. So I wrote him a letter.’

‘I wanted to show the world that not everything was so bleak.’

And despite heavy public criticism, the model continued writing: ‘I will never forget Tim. For the rest of my life, not a day will pass when I will not think about him, but I want to look ahead into the light.’

Much about the famous star remains obscure. However, what we do know is that ‘he had not been able to continue,’ – Tim Bergling, known by the stage name Avicii, was a fragile and artistic soul. He will remain in our hearts, his legacy inspiring millions for years to come.

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