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Carter Reeves

Carter Reeves Releases “Fine” On CloudKid

Carter Reeves continues to build upon his buzz towards the end of 2018 with “Fine,” a super melodic new single that shows the continual evolution of his pop-styled sounds.

‘’Fine’’ contains infectious vocals, ear-welcoming melodies, and bouncing instrumentation embedded throughout the track. His honest and reflective lyrics tell a personal experience, captivating listeners into the song and the words that he says. On the inspiration behind ‘’Fine,’’ Reeves explains: “Every now and then I get lost and need some guidance from family or a friend. Fine is stream of consciousness referencing a conversation with my brother. It’s about falling in and out of love, and realising I need to defer those feelings and focus on the task at hand.”

It’s a big release for the weekend ahead, so give it some attention below.

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