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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Good day to you Vents, a pleasure to talk to you.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “When The Devil Comes Knocking”. did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

‘When The Devil Comes Knocking’ is an autobiographic account of a night out in London with a girl, the drinking of absinthe cocktails in Ronnie Scotts, of feeling like Tom Waits acting out like Charles Bukowski ,tripping balls on pills and other such recreations and swirling through the neon lights around Soho all night, blinded her blue eyes and perfect lips, her half knowing smile that suggested a thousand sins, her impossibly long legs wrapped around me in a tiny artists studio hotel room, the peeling wallpaper, the bourbon laced coffees, the inescapable knowledge that i knew i was sleeping with the Devil, knowing that temptation can be a powerful thing. She was an untouchable, someone who should have been out of my reach, but there i was caught in her web, the moment she took my hand i knew i was on the Devils ride…and to this day i still haven’t let go.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The filming process for the video of ‘Devil’ was just another excuse for the band to go out together and party. We’ve worked with Jay Hilllier for previous release ‘Dolls’  ‘Mockingbird and ‘Firefly’, so we knew we were in good hands. There’s an incredible sense of ease working with Jay which makes it so much easier to make dicks of ourselves on film.   The concept for the video for Devil itself came to me after a particularly heavy night , while I lay spinning into the abyss on sweat drenched sheets at 4am. It’s hard to create my vision of Hades on a tight budget but we managed to get fire performers and the half naked dancers (in the form of and Regina of Twisted Angels. ) SO that was good enough for us.  Working with Jay, is a painless affair, even with ten thousand takes in a room filling with toxic smoke spilling from dirty oil drums. (Fuck knows what was in them but it smelt like it had been dead for a week. In hindsight maybe we shouldn’t have filled them with waste from the site and petrol and lit them, haha…anyway hey ho, i blame the rum for those bad decisions ). The actual process itself is simple , I fire over my concepts and storyboards to Jay and he brings it all to life. We discuss location, angles, etc often improvising stuff on the day.  Alice (our bass player) succeeded in performing with fire too and without burning herself too badly, which if you knew Alice, is a near miracle. I had the fire brigade on speed dial for that.

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing Devil itself was easy, it was one of those songs that just worked from the outset, I had the lyrics, Lance had the riff and it just flowed, Carl, Alice and Skin tied it all together and here we are. The recording, again was easy, we’ve been recording at Animal Farm studios for a few years now and again as with Jay the familiarity  of working with the same people has allowed for an ease of creativity. We love the studio environment, its where the culmination of all our hard work comes to fruition.

What role does the UK play in our music?

Apart from the fact we live in the UK? I’m not really quite sure, the industry is run by pop and hipster loving moguls who , in my opinion have little interest in rock music right now. Small independent venues are closing nationwide on a grand scale and this is creating a rise in more grass root festivals springing up everywhere, often failing in their first year too. It’s a struggle for small bands to fill venues, bars and clubs, an ongoing fight for small promoters and bands alike ,  with the combination of  public’s lethargism, TV (the drug of the masses) and its shitty talent shows and Z list celebrity obsession ,obsession with our phones,  the governments enforced austerity and gentrification . On the other hand, the fans that are out there are amazing though, it’s the crowd that makes a show, not the bands. We are lucky, in that we have a great bunch of ‘friends’ who come to see us play (i don’t like the word fan , in most cases I’ve met and chatted to our audience at shows and with the help of social media, have built up many good relationships and we each support each other within and outside of the music scene. ‘Fandom’ has changed a lot with the dawn of social media. It’s up and close and personal. We ‘met and greet’ literally everyday and unlike the larger bands, the toilet circuit bands don’t charge for the  pleasure. The alternative music scene itself , is as strong and vibrant as it’s ever been here in the UK , the bands are there , the talent is overwhelming. The UK has a great history in the music industry, producers of some of the biggest names in rock n roll , but with the dark cloud of Brexit hanging over us all and the question of free movement in Europe for British  touring bands , the future is  uncertain…the end is always near.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along? any tentative release date or title in mind?

With the release of Devil as a single we have given you a little taste of what’s to come. We have recorded several new unreleased tracks and at this time, in the process of writing a few other killer tracks for our forth coming debut album, tentatively titled ‘Once You Go Black…’ haha, which is  due out in late summer  2019 . We will be starting a pledge campaign in January. Of course we will be offering lots of little exclusive deals and special items as part of the pledge with an album launch party planned to be at The Aces & Eights in London. A fantastic intimate venue. But this is all hush hush… so don’t tell anyone you hear!… just between you and me yeah?  shhhhh.

What else is happening next in The Black Bullets’ world? Any plans to hit the road?

As for the rest of 2019, we have a couple of new video shoots already booked, the first in January, another taster from the forthcoming album. Of course apart from a ton of gigs booked we  have a string festival appearances already lined up , we have Call Of The Wild with the likes of legends The Wildhearts, Bullets and Octane and The Virgin Marys, Amplified Fest, Dementia Awareness Fest in London,  Alice’s Wicked Tea Party and Mayors Rock Fest in Wolverhampton. As for an actual tour we remain unsure , we had plans for a return to Germany and Spain, but as I said, with Brexit due to hit in March ’19 it’s difficult to schedule funds and plan ahead into an uncertain future. We are planning for a mini tour in the UK, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

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