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Slot Game Sound Effects

Gaming manufacturers have always searched for the ‘best shot’ that would be able to retain, entertain and attract more. Speaking of the gaming industry on the whole, one can undeniably infer that things have drastically changed since the first game-like visual arrangement saw big lights. Once games were crude, yet extremely unusual; now they are quite commonplace, yet sophisticated and intricate upside down. Slot machines, as a gambling department of the gaming industry, also have been developing alongside, and major changes are undeniable here, too.

To comprehend the progress it is more than enough to witness the number of online casinos, operating per each country (of course, where gambling is considered legal). Take anything – Brazil or New Zealand – the variety is really crazy. Topnzcasinos.co.nz lists more than 50 successfully operating venues, and that’s just for a single location. But if one looks at a collective picture, then, well, this 50 might gracefully turn into 5000.

Astonishingly, it is slot machines which stand behind every title and every provider. It is slot machines which actually attract, and retain, and entertain, and give immense pleasure to casino goers. According to general statistics, slot sections are visited six times more than any other segment of casino catalogues. And you would be incredibly surprised to learn today that bonuses and winning chances are really not to fascinate players. So hold tight because some epiphany is going to emerge at the end of our written journey.

Sneakily Designed To Trick

You do not need to spend decades of observations to draw a conclusion that slot machines have always shared a common structure. Both extra vintage bandits from 40s and contemporary multi-line beauties follow a compelling path of colourful buttons, vivid displays and much more tricks that are specially designed to appeal. Imperfect human psychological responses to various stimuli allowed slot providers to come up with a perfect set of properties for slots which are based on who we are. But before we expose the number one reason, let us go a little bit deeper into understanding the machine.

All at once paylines. One evident trick that is especially popular and ubiquitous nowadays is a multi-line approach which allows bettors to divide stakes across several lines at a time. As a result, there appears a very deceitful feeling that you are winning while you are actually losing.

Variety to get lost in. Have you ever wondered why none of venues limit themselves to a modest number of slot titles so that to cover just the basics? The answer is simple: this is for players to constantly change machines and never become bored. You can go for hours when you have where to go.

The big win. When a slot bankroll is hit by some gambler, everyone else will surely see a large message of this jackpot luck. And you greediness comes into play: if some random pal managed to luck out, your ship shouldn’t sail away, too.

Tempting displays. High-resolution screens are designed in a deliberately tempting manner so that your gaming budget takes the smallest place possible whereas wins and bonus information are literally scattered all over the visible area. And without a doubt it helps you forget about your assets, at least for a while.

Sound cones. And finally, the very gist of this whole passage – sound effects. Wins and losses, as well as overall gameplay points are tied to special sounds that create a special feeling depending on a situation. In fact, bonuses, spins, extra rounds are not the factors of your being engaged. Nothing mentioned earlier has such a strong impact as sounds do.

Revealing Study

So, we finally made it to alpha and beta of slot gambling – sounds. Simply remember these celebratory noises as soon as you become a winner of even 10 cents: electronic stings of joyful tunes cut through the air and it sort of elevates your gambling experience to a new height. However, could you possibly remember any sounds when you lose your bets?

The Twist

And that’s the trick – slot machines are built so that to reward you for any infinitesimal action. Multi-line concepts come as a backing element because they double your chances at winning a penny without actually winning a penny. It is so elegant that appear to be scary at the same time: for a 20-lined machine one line to win means absolutely nothing, but sounds wrap this whole theatre up and distract you from the main course. This clouds your judgment, and you cannot sort things out because your brain gets heavily tricked.

A Sign Of 96

Researchers from the University of Waterloo demonstrated how these sound distractions leave a significant impact on gamblers. They took a control group of 96 players and gave them two different types of slot machines to play: one had a sound package for wins while another was built around visual feedback only. The researchers measured players’ different physical responses and then, after the subjects were done with slotting, they asked them which slot machine was more appealing in terms of gameplay and payouts.

And the results were quite distressing. When it came to a slot machine without strong sound arrangements, players remained more concentrated on the playthrough and noticed ‘fake wins’ details almost all the time. But as soon as everyone moved to the second machine with smart sounds, peculiar things happened. First off, the players turned their eye blind to the real situation with wins: sounds did their best to refocus attention to different moments. Secondly, the majority found the machine with sounds a more enjoyable experience. And it was evident: the subjects all showed heightened heart rate and skin conduction.

What Does It Mean?

Well, while it could be biologically tricky to cover in detail why the sounded slot machine ‘made a furor’ in comparison to a standard visualized game, there is one thing to consider right away: no other in-game elements had such a strong influence on the players as sounds. The subjects did not take into account graphics or smooth animation, they remain silent about an interesting bonus scheme and extra spins, but without proper understanding they blindly agreed on the sounded machine to be better.

Tip To Take Home

What is to ponder over from this little experiment? Slot machines are meant to drive you nuts. Manufacturers are smart enough to realize that sounds are in real charge, so they low-key design their products to deliver proper soundtracks, though you do not even pay attention to that at all. So a piece of advice arises out of this mess: turn sounds off, you had better not trust yourself.

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