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Baccarat: the origin and the rules

In world history, there are many episodes when the privileged groups of citizens chose gambling card games to entertain themselves. It is known that the first such cases were recorded back in the 14th century. As a rule, this kind of pastime appealed mainly to wealthy people because ordinary ones were busy doing their craft, and they just did not have enough time for being engaged in gambling.

Baccarat is a unique card game. At the beginning of the 20th century, few people could afford it. It is all about relatively high minimum bets. That is exactly why only a few people knew about its existence up to a certain point. However, now, anyone can play it with little money either in a gaming house or using online services.

Whose idea ​​Baccarat is

It is extremely difficult to correctly tell the date when gambling games appeared as they were constantly changing. However, it is known that gambling card games vaguely resembling modern ones were mentioned in certain writings of the 14th century, but their prototypes existed even in the years BC –ancient people used stones with drawings as playing elements.

It is also difficult to pinpoint the date when the card game baccarat came to existence. According to some beliefs, it was Etruscans who came up with the idea of this game. Men took part in it. They threw stones with nine facets (1st to 3rd century BC). Depending on the results, they could be raised to the rank of chosen by gods or priests, could confirm or leave their status unchanged, and could perish being drowned in the sea. The barbaric customs like these existed among other nations as well, and they differed only in the way people chose their fate.

A more modern explanation says that the game originated in Italy at the end of the 15th century. The evidence of baccarat was also noticed in France, where the game gained its independence after it separated from blackjack in the middle of the 17th century. The game was hugely popular among high society and was peculiar due to high bets and evenly high risks of losing all assets overnight. It is weird, but exactly due to this peculiarity, the game attracted players.

Game rules

The modern rules of the game offer the player to try their luck and guess who wins the coup. Before the cards are dealt, a bet is made on a certain player (Punto, in this case, the winning coefficient is 1: 1) or the dealer (Banco, in this case, the winning coefficient is 19:20). The hand may also end in a draw, in which case the bet is called Tie, and the player will get a prize at the sett rate of 8: 1 or even 9: 1.

The bet winner is the player who holds the cards with a total of nine points or as close as possible to this value (all large cards: jacks, queens, kings and tens have got no point value, aces are worth one point, and the rest cards are worth their face value). Then the dealer handles two cards to both participants of the game. The sum of points in both cards should be as close as possible to 9. If a player has a total of more than 10 points, 10 points are deduced in that case to get the resulting score (for example, if a player is dealt a total of 15 points – cards of 7 and 8 respectively – the total score will be 5: 15-10 = 5 points). In case the score is less than five, the player has the right to ask the dealer for an additional card and then to carry out the final points calculation.

Baccarat in live casinos

In the middle of the 20th century, baccarat officially emerged from the underground and started attracting plenty of players. Nowadays, anyone can play baccarat with live dealers online in almost any live casino. The difference between live online casinos and conventional online gambling houses is that the game is supervised by a real person via a video link. The internet connection is not established via Skype or any other similar apps but via the dedicated system of the house itself. The system ensures a stable signal even at low Internet bandwidth. The very principle of the online game is appealing as well: in a live dealer casino, there are no random number generators which utilize mathematical algorithms.

The users of live casinos mark that this kind of format is much more interesting than a common online casino. The possibility to communicate with live dealers, interactivity, and a sense of real events happening around keep players at the table.

Another important psychological factor, scored in favor of live casinos, is that the player does not see all the other visitors. This fact allows staying positive during the game, as the players cannot see other people’s failures and wins, and therefore, they cannot compare their progress with other players. People behave naturally with a live dealer and do not feel uncomfortable when communicating.

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