Brooke Josephson Drops New Single

Piercing drums march alongside lightning bolts of synthesized harmonies that seem to connect and break away from each other simultaneously. At the same time, a kaleidoscope of textures cascade from our stereo speakers and promise us nothing but virtue if we follow them into the source of their melodies. “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix),” the new single from pop singer Brooke Josephson, doesn’t care who you are or where you come from; it wants to make you dance until you just can’t sweat or shake anymore. This isn’t rock n’ roll reinvented for the club scene – this is pop music on overdrive, and it’s electrified and unabashedly chic.

A psychedelic bass confidently shadows the rhythm without penetrating its beat as we start off the song, but that soon changes once Josephson starts to sing. The bass becomes agitated, angst-ridden and rebellious, but our vocalist isn’t about to let it steal her thunder. The vocals get louder in the mix to counteract the fickle attitude of the bottom end, which affectionately calms down once the drums get a boost of adrenaline in the breakdown. We run away from the chorus just as fast as the melody does but soon find ourselves faced with a wall of sound that cannot be scaled.


In the brief pauses that occur when the synths tire of their assault and the drums fade into the backdrop, all we’re left with is Josephson’s vocals, which are effervescent and ethereally harmonic at the same time. They bind to the drumming more than any other element of this song, but they aren’t driving the beat on their own. Like us, these lyrics are storming through the structure of this song looking for some shelter from the torrential downpour of grooves we’re experiencing, but alas, there’s none to be found. Trying to resist the pounding rhythm of “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” isn’t just futile; it’s goes against everything this song was intended to provoke in us.

Dancing isn’t the only thing that this arrangement wants us to do, but as previously stated, it certainly is at the top of its agenda. Like the original “Mr. Fix It,” this remix has an urgency in its pace that never goes away from the time we start to the moment we finish, but in this version the catharsis is limited only to where Rocky G wants to put it. She doesn’t just leave it in the chorus; she spreads it out as far is it will run and makes every nuance of this track feel as saturated with texture as possible.

The music video for “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” takes from early 90s underground club videos and tosses in a dash of psychedelic postmodernity that makes it feel foreboding and somewhat threatening. Of course, the visuals are quite charismatic and reverent – the crowd reacting to the energy of the DJ, a young girl wildly dancing in a metallic bodysuit, and Josephson herself plainly articulating verses with a cold, haunting grin that is as alluring as the melody she’s dispensing is. It sublimely captures the mood of the single and the raw molding of its mix, which isn’t a given when it comes to translating this sort of music into a visual format. No matter how you choose to get in touch with it, “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” is a track you don’t want to miss out on this autumn, and I say that knowing full well what an exciting recording season it’s been so far.


by Lori Reynolds

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