SINGLE REVIEW: Angel Lover Music by Davie Simmons feat. Andy Camp and Esa Lehti

Born, in a sense, from the experience of playing music together in the late 1960’s, David Simmons has paired up with longtime friends and former band mates Andy Camp and Esa Lehti for the single “Angel Music Lover”, a featured element in their musical screenplay Finding David. To say these songs were a long time in the making is a bit of an understatement – nearly half a century has passed from their gestation to what we hear today, but there’s nothing about this single that doesn’t feel fresh and fully involved with what music lovers today crave to experience. Moreover, the threesome have enveloped the song with a production aesthetic that touches the heart and puts the song out there on the best possible stage. If you are expecting a disappointing DIY effort, don’t. This is fully realized from the first second onward.

 Simmons’ lyrical talents are center stage as well. Though, ultimately, this is a song and not poetry committed to a page in a book, there’s no question that David Simmons’ writing talents are more than capable of illuminating any collection. His astonishing talents for reaching listener’s hearts has remained strong down the endless tumble of years and, as a performer, he comes across as fully engaged with the material today as he likely was during his youth – perhaps even more so. “Angel Music Lover” speaks to experiences anyone who knows love has felt and has a timelessness spanning decades.

The echo laden vocal, light piano work, and atmospheric guitar more than hold the song together. Lehti’s artistic touch with guitar is a key to the song’s success, but he works exceptionally well alongside the other instrumentation while still adding some intense dollops throughout the arrangement. The track gathers in intensity as it progresses and Lehti’s soaring lead work in its second half punctuates the tune in quite a memorable way.

I particularly love the level of emotion Simmons brings to his vocal. It’s never hamfisted and, instead, Simmons successfully modulates the peaks and valleys of the song with an adeptness you will want to return to time and time again. Both the singing and music alike are clearly cut from the same cloth, following the same emotional trajectory, and the result has a nearly cinematic quality underlying the stakes they’ve invested in this song. It’s not just entertainment, though it is enormously entertaining. Instead, it moves and reaches deep into a listener’s heart with a precise artistry that is glorious to behold.

 “Angel Music Lover” is the kind of single you need. It is, obviously, part of a larger and more encompassing work of musical art, but it works exceptionally well as a stand alone song. It may have taken these three immensely talented musical artists decades to pick up where they left off and I can’t say I’ve heard their earlier work, but the wait is well worth it. Instead of pursuing commercial ends, they remain true to themselves and have brought out the best from songwriting that stands the test of time.


by Lori Reynolds

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