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INTERVIEW: Jack Walton

Hi Jack, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

All really good thanks. Been gigging and writing in the studio. I move down to South London in a week, so been packing and clearing out my closet ( as Eminem would say hehehe )

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Runaway”?

Yeah, it’s been getting a real good reaction. It’s kind of a love story, but talks about how you can feel that amazingly strong connection with someone almost instantly, even though you’re a bit messy and not looking your best, with your A game in place. It’s definitely a pop song but has some electronic and acoustic influences in the sound.

Does the approach tends to change with this acoustic rendition or you try to stick to the original?

No the approach is very different. I feel like the acoustic version is much more intimate. I imagine my fans as individual people alone in the room with me. The acoustic version also gives a lot more space for the vocal, so I can switch up the melody in places, and take a bit more time over the sentiment of the lyric.

Why naming your EP after this track in particular?

Actually it’s not an EP my full album is ready and will be out next year. My next single will be Kept Me Safe releasing on the 5th December. I wanted to do 3 versions of Runaway, including this acoustic one, as I wanted fans to hear it in different ways. I think it’s something we all feel like doing sometimes, just running away in the heat of an emotion.

How was the recording and writing process?

It’s always hard work but so satisfying. My team at The House Of Nanchang are great. They allow me to explore different approaches to things. As a young artist you often don’t get that freedom, and it’s really important to me. You can feel really vulnerable in the recording process, it’s kind of like going to the supermarket but with only your boxers on ! If you want the vocal to be your best then you need to 100% trust the people around you in the process.

What role does the UK play in your music?

I think everyone wants to do well in their  “own town “ and the UK is where my biggest and earliest support has come from, so of course it’s majorly important for me to keep delivering good material to my fans here. Having said that I did a live stream today and it was great to see people joining in from other parts of the world.

How Prince and Led Zeppelin has influence your writing?

I think listening and loving any good music is essential to evolving as a writer. My love for the guitar came from listening to these huge iconic artists and it’s an integral part of my sound. One of the things I love about pop music is that you can draw on so many different genres and influences, there’s a great freedom in that. I always want to try and tell the story in the lyric and these guys are masters of it. If you compare yourself to people like them, then you will be continually be striving for the very best you can give.

How you go on balancing the electronic with the acoustic elements?

I guess it tends to fall into groups of sounds. The team love to put electronic synths and drums alongside a slide guitar or a banjo or even a dulcimer. There’s pretty much always a guitar riff somewhere in all my material.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Sometimes they come from personal experience, or someone will say something and I think “ oh that’s interesting I could write about that “ The main thing is I have to relate to everything I sing, even if it’s not something I’ve done or been through. I often have a picture in my mind and then the lyrics come from there.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes I hope so. I’ve been doing a few more gigs in London so hopefully a little mini tour will follow soon.

What else is happening next in Jack Walton’s world? 

I’m working on new material all the time. I’m still trying to stay mentally and physically fit, so train quite hard most days. I like to meet up with my mates and just have a laugh, and I love food so I’ve been trying a bit of cooking lately too.

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