Famous People Who Vape: 6 Popular Celebs Who Are Using e-Cigs to Quit Smoking

Maybe you’ve heard that vaping can help you to quit smoking – and you’re interested in trying it out for yourself.

If you’re ready to explore the world of e-cigs, you’re certainly not the only one. With vaping popularity showing no signs of slowing down, there are tons of famous people who vape to help them put down the cigs for good.

Musicians and movie stars alike frequently talk in interviews about how vaping allowed them to quit smoking.

Are some of your favorites on the list?

Keep reading to explore our list of celebrities who vape. You might be surprised by a few of these famous vapers!

1. Lindsay Lohan

The first name on our list of famous people who vape likely isn’t much of a surprise, as Lindsay Lohan has long been in the headlines for her serious addiction to cigarettes (among other things.)

However, since moving abroad and opening up her own hotel in Mykonos, this formerly troubled starlet has really turned her life around. Gone are the days of partying with Paris Hilton.

Now, Lohan prefers a much quieter life of sand and sea (and she’s currently at work filming a new reality show about it all.)

Interestingly, Lohan was once of the first pioneers of celebrity vapers. She’s frequently been spotted out and about and has said in past interviews that vaping helps her to calm down and manage her nicotine cravings.

We’re glad she’s adopted a healthier lifestyle – after all, better late than never, right?

2. Katy Perry

It can be hard to justify smoking a pack of cigarettes a day when you’re one of the most famous pop stars in the world.

It’s no secret that smoking can do serious damage to a singer’s vocals.

However, Katy has also been open about her anxiety and mental health issues in the past – so we can imagine that she once saw smoking as a way to help her to keep her calm.

A rough divorce from Russel Brand and that seemingly never-ending feud with Taylor Swift would cause anyone to reach for a cigarette.

Now, Katy has made a much healthier choice by switching to e-cigs.

3. Sienna Miller

She may have played Warholian “poor little rich girl” Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, but Sienna Miller’s partying days are long over.

Like a few of the other famous people who vape on this list, Miller struggled with her own substance abuse issues. Though she’s now reportedly clean and sober, Miller has spoken in the past about how e-cigs help her to keep her cravings under control.

One of the biggest selling points of e-juice, whether or not you’re a celebrity, is that it allows you to control the level of nicotine you consume. So, as Miller may have done, you can start by finding a juice that has a higher nicotine content, and then slowly taper off.

Plus, with so many different flavors to choose from, you’ll never get bored. Whether you prefer a sweet or a savory taste, trust us when we tell you that there’s no limit to the vape juice flavors you can try.

4. Zayn Malik

The other half of supermodel Gigi Hadid is another name on our list of celebrities who vape.

Zayn may be especially well-known for parting ways pretty brutally from his former One Direction bandmates, but he’s also made no secret of his troubled past.

In particular, Malik suffers from extreme anxiety and has even struggled with an eating disorder. In the past, he may have used cigarettes as a way to control his appetite.

Luckily, he’s recently made the switch to e-cigs.

Of course, Mailk’s new single, Sour Diesel, hints that he might be putting something other than just vape juice in his vape pen.

Don’t forget that vaping CBD oil is an awesome way to help you to manage the symptoms of chronic pain, or to help you to take the edge off after an especially rough day.

5. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is likely best known for playing the “tough love” (emphasis on the “tough”) judge on American Idol.

However, especially in recent years, he’s taken steps to soften up his image. He’s always been known as a smoker, but he suffered from a heart attack in 2012 that made him question his addiction to cigarettes.

In fact, many people say that it was this health scare that caused him to make the switch to vaping. Now, he’s often spotted pulling on some seriously fancy mods in between takes.

The word is that his famously ice-cold attitude is finally beginning to melt, too.

6. Bruno Mars

Closing out our list of celebrities who vape is everyone’s favorite Uptown Funk crooner, Bruno Mars.

From dominating Super Bowl halftime shows to putting out singles that get even the most reserved people out on the dance floor, Mars leads a stressful lifestyle.

In the past, he turned to cigarettes to help him cope. Luckily for us, he’s now switched to vaping to help him preserve that amazing voice.

Do You Want to Be like These Famous People Who Vape?

We hope that this list of some of the most famous people who vape has inspired you to learn a little bit more about why you should consider ditching the cigs.

Not only is vaping tons of fun, but you can also do cool tricks and try out all kinds of flavors.

Need more news on what your favorite artists are up to? Want to understand more about how to live a rockstar lifestyle? Need to figure out when a band you love is dropping a new album? Want news on the latest rockstar biopic?

We’ve got you covered on all that and more, so keep coming back to our blog.

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