INTERVIEW: Nuns Of The Tundra

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Troy -Really good thanks! Been to some wicked gigs this week, still buzzing from Estrons and Soeur!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Pray 4 U, Slay 4 U”?

Troy- Yeah of course, it’s definitely a bit different from our previous stuff, we wanted to balance things out and pay some more attention to the groove this time round, usually we are firing all cylinders on guitar licks. We wanted it to be dark and sexy and make you want to move.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Troy -It was written in so many stages it’s hard to say! I wrote the first riff ages ago playing around with stupidly fuzzy fuzz pedal, no real intention or thought of making it into a whole song til I jammed it out at a rehearsal. Then probably two years later the song formed around it, and although we are in no way politically charged, the lyrics definitely formed around the dystopian future it feels we’re heading towards. But it’s not like we name dropped Theresa May or anything, we did mention Cthulu though.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Arran – Yeah Our talented friend Patrick Blake animated some of our art work for the release. He really made it pop out at you! it’s really awesome what he can do. We’ve worked with him before on a previous single called float away. He did an epic animated video about a young girl running away with a bear in a row boat. Which is flipping amazing if anyone gets a chance, check it out!

How was the recording and writing process?

Arran – Recording was amazing, we recorded at the giant wafer studio in the middle of wales. Right in the middle of summer, it was beautiful. Very secluded environment perfect for getting creative. The songs been in the pipe line for a long time it’s kinda warped and changed a lot. We’ve always centered everything around big riffs and this songs no exception. But I think we took it in a different direction by working from some other influences such as unknown mortal orchestra and tame impala to get that raw feel.

Troy- Yeah we’re going back in with those guys at the end of the month and we couldn’t be more pumped. I feel like we get those guys now, and we’ll smash out some great tunes we can tell you about later!

What was it like to work with Alex Loring and Tom Andrews? How has did those relationships develop?

Arran -Working with Alex and Tom was great the guys are so full creative juices and they’re always up for trying anything, but also have the capacity to know when we’ve hit the nail on the head. I think we all learnt a lot when we were with them. They know how to assemble a well structured dynamic tune! Chris banner was our session drummer for the track as well. He was absolutely flawless and a great guy to have in the studio for his creative input. Can’t wait to get back to the studio with them.

How much did he get to influence the song?

Arran -Alex was major influence helped us tighten up the screws and make the track what it is. He’s also an ideas man. Always got a plan! We all have such an appreciation for Alex’s work. We gotta lotta love for big spring cause they’re awesome and fang club are just dank!

Troy- It’s always super interesting working with a new producer because you learn something new about songwriting each time, everyone does it so differently. Alex has such an awesome laid back style, like he just knows it will come out great, no worries. So everyone was just so chill recording, hopefully the good vibes shine through in the song. He was big on pushing making crazy sounds with our pedals, probably my favourite part of the whole session. I think even the drums went through some fuzz pedals. Although it might sound like the songs covered in synth, that’s all guitar. Really fucked up guitar, but still guitar.

How Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood has influence your writing?

Arran -Queens are the band that made us wanna be a band. Growing up together there was a mutual appreciation for queens across our friendship group. Everyone loved them. They’re heavy, sexy, groovy and dark with some of the best guitar play I’ve ever come across. I wanna write riffs that make people feel sexy as fuck. I wanna be there sexy theme music. Like queens are mine. Royal blood are da bomb, exploded out of nowhere bringing riff laden tunes to the masses. Couldn’t believe my ears and I love em for it. Need more riffs in the charts!

What role does Bristol play in your music?

Arran – Bristol is a hub for music anything you want can be found here. There’s a scene for every genre and some incredible venues. Just the other day we got to see estrons blow the roof off of the Louisiana. Also one of my fav bands soeur are based down here. A female fronted grunge explosion that everyone should check out.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Arran -We are heading back into the studio with Alex the end of November to do another two tracks. Very exciting times, can’t wait to share what we make!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Arran – No release set yet but they will hopefully be ready for the public’s ear drums early in the new year. One is titled baby’s got a box of matches. Which is a child safety hazard waiting to happen and the other is called one liner as it’s a little saucy but that may change yet.

Any plans to hit the road?

We will be playing the o2 institute in Birmingham on the 7th of December which is the release show for pray 4 u slay 4 u. We will also be at the mars bar in Worcester on the 9th and at the Louisiana in Bristol on the 11th. Everyone come down and show your faces!

What else is happening next in Nuns of the Tundra’s world?

Arran- Most likely be smashing some tinnies and writing some more phat beats. Playing lots of shows and looking forward to festivals season.

Troy- Maybe a Christmas song if we get too skint.

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