Event Planning: A Guide That You Can Rely On

It doesn’t matter whether you are a businessman looking to organize a huge conference where you’ll have to blow everyone’s mind or you’re just a small business owner that just wants to say thanks to their customers, event planning is something that no one can take lightly. Of course, there is no formula where you get to learn each step and there is no exact plan that you can use to organize a successful event but there are some tips and examples of good practices that are important to follow for every kind of event. Take a look below.

Come up with a clear goal

What is the purpose of your event? Ask yourself this question couple of times. This is the first step and it’s probably the most important one. Set up a clear goal and objective. What do you want to achieve from this event? Knowing key goals before planning ensures that every part of the event is optimized for success. The worst thing you could do is rush and actually forget your aim in the process.

Allocate funds

Organizing an event looks easy when you sit down, turn your TV on and watch the big guys such as Apple, for example, do it. They have a giant venue, super-cool halls, great speakers and awesome audience. And in the end, they are all happy and applauding. Win-win situation, right? Well, getting to that level isn’t easy. Apple surely doesn’t have to think about money when planning an event but rest assured that they too have a team of experts doing the math. That’s why you too need to pay loads of attention to budget. Organize your budget on time. Take a look at some key expenses to keep in mind when allocating funds: the venue, A/V, catering, marketing and entertainment. Even if you’re doing minor events, you have to be precise with budget. Do not overestimate yourself.

Pick a date

Be careful with the date, setting a date should be up there on the top of your event planning checklist! Make sure that you’re not organizing your event on a date when there is another event of the same kind in the town. That could cost you half of your audience or even more. It depends on how big your rival is. Also, allow yourself at least 3 months to plan. Do not rush it. Check for statutory and religious holidays and avoid school holiday time periods (winter, spring and summer holidays). In the end, if you’re having key participants, consult them. That way you won’t lose VIP guests, speakers, presenters, etc.

Now pick a venue

Now that you have the time, you must find a place. See what your key practicalities are before starting your search for that perfect venue. Think about parking. What kind of parking will you need? Will you need your own A/V equipment? Maybe the venue already has it. What about the cell reception and Wi-Fi? You don’t want people raging because of the bad internet connection or bad reception. How much space do you really need? This question is probably the most important one. Do not put large crowds in small spaces. That cannot end well. And last but not least, inquire about the deposit, cancellation and refund policies.

Create both the master plan and the winning team

Gather your top-notch employees or colleagues and let them help you organize this kick-ass event of yours. Pick reliable and responsible individuals who are willing to spend more hours at work. Also, if you can, reward them for their effort. Then sit down and create a master plan. This plan should deal with all aspects of the event such as the logistics, speakers, activities, promotions, registrations and of course, sponsors. If you want your plan to be good, it’s best that you sit down with the best from your environment and consult them.


With this guide it looks like a walk in the park. But it’s not. As soon as you start planning the event, you’ll realize that. Remember, planning may be bitter, but its fruits are sweet!

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