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SINGLE REVIEW: Wrath of a Winner by Oliver Twisted

Oliver Twisted’s unique journey to musical prominence began with his deaf parents. Naturally desperate to communicate with them, Twisted honed his skills as an entertainer from an early age prodded by his desire to bring his loved ones joy and that desire has mushroomed into something different as his life has progressed. He’s a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and actor, the diversity of his passion a reflection of his personal depth, and that’s exhibited for us in vivid detail with the single “Wrath of a Winner”. Culled from his album of the same name, the song never opts for the obvious hip hop approach and, instead, blends a number of stylistic elements together with results sure to linger with listeners long after the final note fades away. “Wrath of a Winner” has the legs to carry Twisted’s musical reputation into the future and will likely end the year deserving mention on a number of “Best Of” lists for 2018. It’s a song both casual and hardcore music fans can admire.

The biggest reason is because it is a fully realized musical work. Too often artists treat at least one component of the song as an afterthought instead of focusing their efforts on making every element as meaningful as the next. Twisted isn’t anything like that. Instead, Twisted puts the full focus of his artistry behind every facet of “Wrath of a Winner” – the production, musical arrangement, singing, and lyrics are considered and part of an unified whole. The song never overextends itself despite the four minute running time. It isn’t any small feat that a four minute track breezes by like its half that length and you find yourself, by the song’s conclusion, wishing it had another thirty seconds to enchant listeners with its entertaining magic.

His writing makes the track extra special. Twisted brings together various strands in this song – his obvious ambition, the personal meaning he derives from those dreams, and how he wants to share those strengths with the widest possible audience. It’s clear he wants to entertain listeners, but it’s even clearer that he wants to communicate with his audience and share his experiences. He does so in a way that connects with the audience without alienating his listeners.

Another key element in establishing that connection is the rich, powerful musical arrangement Twisted has crafted for the track. The piano is the most important part in winning over the audience and it has a wafting, melodic quality carrying listeners away from the outset. The drumming sets a strong pace for the song without ever upsetting its balance and the synthesizer presence during the track has an usually melodic sound as well, warm and inviting throughout. It’s easy to find yourself lost in this song. Oliver Twisted’s “Wrath of a Winner” is singular – there isn’t another artist working today in any style who could have written this song and it deserves its billing as the album’s title and, presumably, marquee track. There’s no doubt that this promising newcomer will scale many more peaks before he’s done.

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by Lori Reynolds

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