Activities to Engage in When Listening to the Best Relaxing Music

Music has the power to penetrate our soul. It can heal your mind, your body, and your soul. The tempo, the rhythm, the subtle chord changes of every song speaks to us. This is why music perfectly complements every other activity we engage in. Music playing in the background— be it ambient, classic, or any other kind— can be used to enhance performance and focus or to relax. You choose the music and the activity, and it will definitely work together.

Because many of us know about the Mozart effect—the ability to perform increases after listening to music—we always tend to listen to music while studying. However, whatever other activities can you engage in when listening to music?

Well, we have listed down some activities that become even more fun when listening to music and the kind of music that best complements those activities.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting while listening to music is a truly harmonious relationship. Some of the best pieces of art have been created while listening to music. Many people prefer to block out all distractions from the surrounding environment by putting on their headphones. The music speaks to them, and they translate the words of the songs into their drawing. In fact, that is the idea behind synaesthesia— a term in the art world.

The sensory experience of one kind (listening to music) translates into a sensory experience of another kind—your artwork.

Next time you want to be inspired you should try listening to Ed Sheeran, Cold Play, or even Beatles—whatever relaxes you and speaks to you.

If you are up for country music, opt for Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset or Play it again by Luke Bryan.

Playing Games

What better way to spend your day than to play games and to listen to music? Music does not only enhance your attention while playing the game, which helps you win, but it also keeps you occupied. Be it video games, board games, or online games, like Solitaire, Hearts, Chess or even Wink Bingo, music can really increase the playing experience.  It is surprising, but music is said to blend really well with the game of bingo. The soothing melody helps to further relax the players and makes for an exciting experience.

So the next time you plan on playing an online game, especially bingo, try listening to songs by Ry Cooder. You could also opt for Beach Blanket Bingo, a song by Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. The song is pretty old, but it puts you right in the mood.

Day Dreaming

Are you just having one of those days where you don’t really feel like doing anything? Do you just want to lie down and daydream about life? If so, music can be your best companion. The music that you listen to, stirs certain emotions, which help you imagine possibilities.

Many people say that spending your day in this manner is unproductive, but that is not true. Just listening to music can spark creativity. Melissa Borghorst, a motivational speaker, while listening to Taylor Swift’s song “White Horse” had a sudden realization that she should write a song for her teen workshop. Having never written songs before, she was still able to write two songs and also started working on a children’s book.

So the next time you feel like you have nothing to do, you should probably play “White Horse”. Like Melissa, you might end up doing a lot.

Other than Taylor Swift songs, you could also opt for artists like Bob Marley, Beerus Hammond, and Jah Cure.


Another fun way to spend your day while listening to music entails engaging in medication. The music helps to neutralize the surrounding voices and enables you to let go of thoughts and feeling as you concentrate on the music rhythms.  The best relaxing music for this activity would be slow music with long phases. For active mediation, you could opt for smooth jazz or electronic chill. Just make sure that the music you choose should be static and repetitive. There should be no sudden rhythm changes. You could opt for Pop (2000) by Gas or Trilogie de la Mort (1998) or Take Five by Dave Brubeck if want to relax your mind and your body. Other artists you could opt for include Gerald Albright (Old School), Mini Abair (old school), Bill Withers, and Growver Washington Jr.


Another good way to spend your day would be to read while listening to music. Music makes you feel more emotions, and it helps you connect more with what you do. It sets the mood of the book and makes you focus more. But it is important to choose the music that matches the tome of the book. For instance, reading Pride and Prejudice while listening to its soundtrack—you are sure to feel like a Bennett.

If you think listening to music while reading is distracting, you could always opt for the instrumental version of songs. That way you can benefit from the music and still be able to read.

Try listening to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol or Carnival of Animals by Camille Saint-Saens. Some soft rock music can definitely set the mood. Some artists you could listen to include Foreigner, Journey, Bryan Adams, and Ambrosia.

Next time you are bored or want to do something try listening to music to make your day more fun.

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