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8 Reasons Podcasts Launched by Musicians are So Popular

Nowadays, it’s not easy to stand out in the music industry and become an established musician. There is fierce competition and trends are constantly changing.

However, there is a way to grow audience and become a more relatable musician with the help of technology – podcasting.

Podcasts launched by musicians are very popular, and the reasons for this phenomenon will explain a music enthusiast and a podcast lover from EssayOnTime.

  1. Inside info on your favorite musicians

We all like to know more about our favorite singers, some juicy details from their career or childhood, some intriguing facts about their songs and so on.

That’s the reason why Questlove Supreme podcast is so popular.  Every week Questlove shares the nitty-gritty of his most-liked songs, so you can hear that Prince was famous for his fried-egg sandwiches or that Les Paul and T-Bone Walker were Steve Miller’s guitar lessons teachers.

  1. More intimate relationship with your favorite musicians

We would all like to get to know the other side of the musicians we admire and in that way to become closer with them. Podcasts allow us to get that feeling and that’s one of the reasons why they are so popular. By improving their online presence, the musicians let their fans in on so may secrets.

Table Manners by Jessie Ware is a great podcast where you can hear famous performers talking about food and family, so you can discover that Ed Sheeran detests kale and how quitting drinking has helped Sam Smith chill.

  1. Great source of entertainment

Apart from learning interesting facts about your favorite singers, the most popular podcasts also entertain you and put in a good mood.

One such podcast is definitely The Osbournes Podcast. It will make you laugh, and you’ll have fun while listening to the thoughts and adventures of the Osbourne family.

  1. Listen to less know, but great music

Podcasts represent an excellent way to dig up some great music, especially when you don’t have inspiration what to play. This is one of the reasons why podcasts launched by musicians are so attractive to a broader audience.

Watt, the founder of The Watt From Pedro Show, apart from introducing the musical history of his guests, plays everything from jazz to punk. Something for everybody’s musical taste.

  1. Hear musicians thoughts on a range of topics

Podcasts are a creative medium that allows musicians to express their thoughts freely on the different subject. This variety and freedom attract listeners who are eager to find out what’s happening behind the scenes.

A good example of this kind popular podcast is Henry and Heidi Show where they share funny anecdotes and stories about their career and working relationship.

  1. Fantastic inspiration for new musicians

Podcasts are also popular among new musicians. It’s an excellent way for them to learn about the music industry and trade which will be a good boost for their career.

Broken Record is a nice example of this type of podcast by Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell where they talk about how songs are created. Their guest was Eminem who gave behind the scenes insights into Walk on Water song.

  1. Practical tips for future musicians

Another reason why podcasts are so popular among aspiring musicians is that they offer valuable and practical tips that can be helpful in their future career.

That’s the secret of Making It With Chris G podcast’s popularity. Chris Goyzueta offers useful tips for anybody who wants to pursue a music career.

  1. News on the music industry

Some podcasts are so popular because they bring news on the industry which is important to follow if you want to stay at the top of your game. Current and applicable advice is what attracts so many listeners.

One such podcast is The Music Biz Weekly by Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert where they discuss the latest trends and events in the music industry, such as VIP programs, Spotify playlisting, blockchain, Facebook Live, release schedules, and so on.

Whether you’re enthusiastic about music or you want to pursue a music career, then podcasts will definitely expand your horizons and bring your passion to a new level.

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