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INTERVIEW: Corina Seas

Hi Corina, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi Vents! I’ve been great, super excited about my upcoming, EP, Disassociated, and stoked to see where I can take my new music! I feel like my band and I have gotten into a cool groove and we’re just ready to keep playing shows and get the music out there!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Wasted Time”?

“Wasted Time” is basically me clapping back at an ex for having literally wasted my time with the relationship. I’m speaking directly to him in the verses, pretty much saying, “Dude, I’m fed up, stop fu**in around and man up or bounce.” That’s the message anyways.

Musically, the song reminds of New Edition meeting The Rugrats. There are some cool little synth sounds that happen that make me think of Nickelodeon and the sounds they would use in Rugrats, and then the sounds we chose for the drums definitely remind me of 80’s R&B drums and New Edition. Would have been cool to be alive by back then but since I wasn’t, this song feels like my ode to that era. It’s also heavily influenced by Michael Jackson in terms of the melodies I wrote.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I had a really horrible relationship that pretty much was the worst of my life. I wrote this song before we broke up, but I remember knowing it wasn’t going to go anywhere unless something (him) changed. Of course, that’s not how the world works, so I made it a fun ass song with a kind of sad message. I like doing that kind of stuff, taking something shitty and turning it into something fun.

The single comes off your new album Disassociated – what’s the story behind the title?

The story behind the title again reflects how I felt in my last relationship. Most of the songs were written when I was in that relationship and it was just a time where I was trying way too hard to hold onto someone who didn’t want to be tied down. I kept losing myself (and my mind) throughout the relationship and the songs reflect that. So, I took a lot of time trying to figure out what the project was going to be called, and I was discussing it with a friend and the fact that I felt outside of myself during the time I was writing the tracks. I asked her for help trying to come up with a word to describe that feeling, and she brought up Disassociated. I was so relieved because I’d been trying to title this project for months. Shout-out to Amy for helping me finally figure it out!

How was the recording and writing process?

 I’m still extremely independent as an artist so the coming together of these songs was all over the place due to financial restrictions and all that business shit. All of the songs start like this essentially: I write the song on the keys, cut a demo using Logic, and come up with the drum beats and random synth sounds, grooves, etc. Then I took it to my producer friends who could do the ideas I had slightly better (more experience, better plug-ins, actual guitar playing, that kinda stuff). And then we’d sit together and map out the rest of the production, or they’d send me ideas and I’d send stuff back over until it was finished!

You brought about three producers to help you out shape this record – why that much and how much did they get influence the album respectively?

It came down to timing and money for why I had that many producers. I’m not crazy connected and producers cost a lot so I was lucky enough to be working with friends who were able to help me out on the records, but due to their restraints and mine, maybe we’d only get one track done in time so I’d have to move on to the next producer. Also, one of the guys had a baby during the time of the record so his life got hectic and I had to find other people to work with.

I think having different producers influenced the different songs but not that much. Each producer brought their own individual style for sure and Vince, for example, is more guitar heavy as a producer whereas Justin and Alex aren’t as much, but these are all still songs I had a large say in. I’m still writing the songs by myself and coming up with demos of how I want the song to sound. I don’t have great plugins or drum samples however so that’s really what I’m relying on producers to provide. I obviously want their input and will accept certain ideas but it has to match my vision and the groundwork is already laid out.

My ideal goal however is definitely to just track my band and then do the finalizing of the soundscape myself or with one other person/ team. I’m working on it!

What is it about the 80s and 90s that you find so fascinating?

The fashion, the sounds, the carefree attitude. People still got all dressed up back then, of course, but in general, they were much more laid back. It was a lot of experimenting with soundscapes and visuals at that time so I just find them to be fun eras. I would have loved to be a raver in like 1996, or to have gone to house parties in the Bronx circa 1987. Very specific dates. haha

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Life, of course! This EP is more about love than I think any of my other projects are. A lot of the songs come from huge sources of pain I was feeling in a toxic relationship. It was easy to write at that time because there was so much anguish in my internal world. I’m diagnosed bipolar and that time was just crazy for me because of the toxic relationship and because I was still trying to get my emotions under control. It was all a very overwhelming time. The lyrics I just tried to keep as honest as possible. I’m a lyricist as much as I am a singer so it was important for me to be keeping the poppy music intellectual.

Any plans to hit the road?

Not as of yet, but I’m considering doing a tour in Honduras with my fellow Honduran friend, Gina Ramirez who is a sick bass player you should look up!

What else is happening next in Corina Seas’ world?

We have an EP release party coming up at Lot 1 Cafe on Nov. 15th. Then I think we’re gonna take it easy from shows for the remainder of the year and focus on writing. My goal is to release a mixtape early next year to follow-up from this EP. It will be exclusively hip-hop though, none of this pop shit. Haha So for any of my older fans looking for my older style, I got you!

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