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Mikey See release “Love My Body”

Good musicians are able to play songs that captivate us with a single note and transport us to the elevated plain of consciousness that the composer was in when it was penned. But great musicians inspire us to change the perspective from which we see things and evolve our thinking to fit an ever changing world around us. Mikey See might not have been trying to change the culture of artistic dialogue with his single “Love My Body,” but he’s definitely managed to add his own unique flavor to the conversation, and it’s a flavor that neither audiences nor critics are able to get enough of.

One thing that sets Mikey See far apart from his closest rivals is his compositional style of attack. See doesn’t write songs that employ the framework of traditional pop music; his compositions center on narratives that aren’t found in most mainstream love songs, characterizing emotions as being more powerful than the people charged with expressing them. His postmodern viewpoint falls right in line with the current overarching trend in pop, but it’s constructed using a decidedly more thoughtful style of arranging than anything else in music today. He’s integrated within the post-pop movement, but songs like “Love My Body” are what keep him from blending into the crowd.

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As most Americans have had the misfortune of learning in the past two years, hate is a very powerful thing. Love, however, will always be the superior entity, and I think Mikey See wants to remind us of that in all of his music. In “Love My Body” particularly, See emphasizes the concept of loving ourselves enough to be comfortable with whoever we are by nature, and that’s something that Americans, and really all people, need to embrace at this juncture in history.

This single makes me want to dance to its pulsating, heartbeat like rhythm all night long, but it’s also got enough textured depth to hypnotize me in its grooves for indeterminable amounts of time. While taking notes for this article, I must have listened to “Love My Body” at least a dozen times before taking a break to sit with what I had just listened to. The sly fashion in which the hooks capture our attention can lead to numerous repeat listens in a single sitting without feeling like we’re hearing the same repetitive beat over and over. It isn’t easy to make a song that atmospheric, but it’s exactly what keeps the hottest dance clubs around the world in business.

“Love My Body” is one of the more surprising pop songs that I’ve reviewed in 2018, and it isn’t just because it’s performed by a musician who exhibits a more defined skillset than other artists twice his age. “Love My Body” is sweet enough to appeal to the pop music crowd but edgy enough to sell well with rockers and R&B aficionados as well, and rarely if ever has an artist been able to garner the adulation of all three of those distinctively different audiences. Keep a close eye on Mikey See, his story is being written faster than you can type “superstar.”

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