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SINGLE REVIEW: Jerad Finck New Kids SEAWAVES remix

As most of us are aware, music is a magical force of energy. It has the power to spark love between two soulmates gazing upon each other for the very first time, the tenacity to fuel a person’s strength in the buildup to a heated confrontation, and even the ability to bring closure to someone grieving a loss so great that there are no words to describe it. You would be hard pressed to find anything as divinely authoritative as music, and you could never convince me in a million years that this force of nature doesn’t have the capabilities to change the way we treat each other as a collective people. Jared Finck is aware of this, and in his song “New Kids,” which received a makeover from SEAWAVES in the form of an exciting new single this summer, he’s using the platform that he’s been blessed with to wield the power of music as a weapon against the evil that is gun violence. I had the chance to listen to “New Kids (SEAWAVES remix)” ahead of its release and couldn’t have been more satisfied with what I heard.

I don’t have any children, but if I did I would want them to look up to Jared Finck as opposed to any other character in the pop music lexicon at the moment. Pop hasn’t had a good role model to boast in quite some time, and although I wouldn’t say that Finck is purely motivated by the idea of filling this gaping void in our culture, I have no doubt that it’s something that’s been on his mind (and for all the right reasons). The legacy of the pop music of the 1960s goes far beyond the gorgeous melodies of The Beatles and the mind-bending rhythms and studio innovations of Jimi Hendrix; the spirit of what those artists were doing lies in the ethical foundations that were set forth by the free love movement that they had embraced. The most iconic souls in the history of recorded music haven’t been the ones who garnered the most Grammys or the highest sales returns, but the ones who influenced the way we behave socially for decades to come.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3w5Vd4aoBBbAZET3ezprIu?si=pkz5MmNFSU65nSN-0_y9TQ

The only thing more intriguing than the content of “New Kids” is the possible impact that it could have in the American music landscape and those who financially support it every day of their lives by listening to the radio, subscribing to streaming sites and purchasing albums and singles in record stores. If even one person out there is motivated to explore the organization that Jared Finck has dedicated this song to (Everytown.org), then the hours of time both Finck and SEAWAVES spent laboring in the studio will be worth it. Art is an imitation of life, which in turn is usually a reflection of art itself, and if the music that we consider to be representative of popular beliefs starts to reflect our overwhelming desire to live free of the hatred and division that has left our society in shambles, there’s a good chance tomorrow will be a little brighter than today.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA0r7YtFcpg

by Lori Reynolds

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