INTERVIEW: Future Peers

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We have kept pretty well. We pass the sniff test for sure.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single, “Didn’t I Deny”?

Didn’t I Deny is a fun and danceable tune that compels us to move every time we perform it. This song is kind of an examination of toxicity in relationships and how some people come to manipulation and deception naturally. The song explores the veneer versus the substance that lies beneath. maneuvering a relationship can be tedious and precarious. One can never be sure who they are entering into an emotional contract with. Discussions on toxic masculinity and consent have more widely spread into public conversations. The song is about spinning yarn, telling tales and building a persona in order to get what you want without regard for truth or ethics. In a way it is a character study. There are currently many public examples of people who have built up an identity that is self serving and wholly aimed at conquering in the service of self interest / gain.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I am happy to say that the members of FUTURE PEERS are pretty decent people so there is no direct experience that I was drawing from with these lyrics. I think it’s more inspired from a general malaise and a reaction to relentless bad behaviour all around us.

The single comes off your new EP I’m Sorry – what’s the story behind the title?

FUTURE PEERS are Canadian so saying sorry is a big part of our identity.

I do feel that earnest apology can actually fix a lot of problems and many people are too proud or pig headed to utter the words. Some self reflection can often reveal that we all have something to apologize for. It’s not about being meek by any means. It’s about being accountable and knowing when to apologize / when to stand up for yourself. Accountability is in short supply these days. So for this album we are saying “I’m Sorry.” Perhaps our next album will be called “Fuck You!”

How was the recording and writing process?

FUTURE PEERS usually write collaboratively. Most of our songs arise from writing and jamming together in our studio. This is where the majority of our songs are conceived. Luke writes the vocal melodies and lyrics. The vocal lines usually exist in a gibberish / free association form until the song is developed enough to put the finishing touches on it. Once a song is in nice shape Luke will write lyrics and we start playing the material live so that we can pressure test weather or not it is ready for recording.

We had a pretty great time recording this EP. Tom McFall came in from London, England to produce this project with us. He is incredibly talented and really elevated the sound of these tracks. Tom contacted us after he heard a few songs off of our debut album. He must have heard them on Satellite radio or something and when we received his email we kind of thought it was a scam or pyramid scheme. Tom has some pretty impressive producing and engineering credits under his belt including, REM, Regina Spektor, Stars, U2 and Block Party so we were naturally skeptical when he expressed interest in working with us. Tom brought a really lush sound to these recordings and I think he truly captured the essence and energy that lies within these songs. We recorded in a bit of a piece meal fashion. Elements were tracked in our rehearsal space in Toronto, at Luke’s family cottage In Grey County Ontario and in Guelph Ontario at Copper Sound Studios.

What role does Toronto play in your music?

We are pretty lucky to be living in such an amazing city. It is diverse, filled with culture and is home to an incredible music scene. I think cutting your teeth in Toronto is a real virtue. The bar is pretty high here and music appreciators expect a lot from their Toronto artists. It’s not enough to be in a band in this city. You actually have to be good. I think this expectation coupled with our dedication to the craft has really informed our identity as a band and it has set us up for success out on the road performing our work for fresh ears.

What made you want to seek for a much lighter and poppy direction for this album?

I wouldn’t say that we were seeking for anything really. This collection of songs hang well together and represent a certain time in the progression of the band. I think after our debut album we were exploring writing songs with a little more space in them. It is important to remember to leave a little space in your music for the listener. Musicians tend to cram interesting elements into any crack or corner of a song. Sometimes we have to let a composition breath. We have by no means abandoned the frenetic and soaring synth and guitar driven bangers of our previous work. This time around we felt these were the right songs for the job.

What were some of the things you guys get to regret on this record? Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I think we were really inspired by our experience working with the producer Shawn Everett on our last record and his energy permeated the writing process on this EP. He has a joie de vivre and sense of adventure with his approach to making music. The band was really energized after the experience we had in Los Angeles recording with Shawn. These songs are some of the new offerings from us that take what we have learned and hones them in a way to deliver something with a slightly more cohesive sound. We write collaboratively so, in a way, we can often inspire each other. We feed off of what the other puts out there.  

Any plans to hit the road?

We’ve been playing around in Canada including Halifax, Fredericton, Montreal, Guelph, Sarnia and Toronto. The band would absolutely love to hit the USA but with a tour planned in Europe in the spring it might be a little more than we can handle in the immediate future. If anyone wants to book us an amazing tour or house parties, DIY venues or stadiums in the USA we would be happy to oblige them.

What else is happening next in Future Peers’ world?

We are all really excited for this upcoming European tour and we will be sure to release some new material we’ve working on before the spring. Some really great tunes are sitting in a few different project files right now. So the new year is stacking up to be very exciting and busy for us. Really we just want to play for as many people as possible and get out music out there.

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