INTERVIEW: David Frangioni

Hi David, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Doing great! I’m very excited about my 2 new books, ICON & Crash.

Out of all the instruments – what was it about drumming that caught your attention the most?

It was something about the excitement of playing the drum set and the visual impact that it has that got me hooked! Even just the kits themselves with out the drummers playing them drew me to the instrument.

Was it easy to embrace technology or did it take you a while?

Technology’s role in music came very naturally for me, the pairing of them is and always has been my true calling in life. As I learned more and more about the different roles technology could play in my love of making music I didn’t think twice about embracing technology.  I actually have a company called AUDIO ONE that creates some amazing audio technology setups for clients – studios and the like.

How was the transition from being a simple drummer to an overall audiophile?

This is also something that came very naturally to me.  I developed my ear and my understanding of technology by studying and immersing myself into it much the same way I had with music. And just like my connection with music it always came out of the love doing it and never by force.

How did you come up with the idea for Crash: The World’s Greatest Drum Kits?

I have an incredible collection of iconic and notable drum kits (a drum museum called Hit the Dec) and I wanted to share them with the world, hoping they inspired others the way the kits have inspired me! Crash is actually my third release as an author and I have to tell you that I love writing books.  Probably because I love reading so much but also because the process is so similar to making a record, creatively speaking.

Was this a no-brainer decision or did it take a while to even start writing the book?

It was a no-brainer to decide to write the book, but actually creating the book is a whole different story. Overall, it took a solid year of hard work getting everything together to be the book you see today!

What were your criteria when picking the greatest drum kits?

There were no specific criteria; the book is really just whatever kits I liked and thought had iconic relevance.  These kits are incredibly hard to find and obtain so I’m very blessed to have the array that are in my Foundation’s collection.

What have you learned from your time working with a large number of iconic bands and artists and how have they personally influence you as an artist yourself?

I’ve learned so many life lessons in the music industry, but that could be a whole other book. The key takeaways for me are to always deliver great results, and be on time with a great attitude.  No excuses!

What was it like to work with Mark Weiss and how did that relationship develop?

It was awesome working with Mark; he’s amazing and very committed to getting the best quality photos.  We first met when we were both on the KISS jet for a week on a short run of shows for the band. We had an instant chemistry and a shared value for only stopping after it’s great or better.

What did Mark bring to the table?

An amazing eye and visual that is unique to his talent and years of experience as a photographer.

Why did you choose to focus on Rock & Jazz?

It didn’t have anything to do with genre those were just the kits that I connected with and liked the most.

Will there be a sequel focusing on other genres?

There may be a sequel, but I only think in terms of good and bad music, not genre specific. Recently, I obtain a very special Vinnie Paul kit before his untimely passing. It defiantly belongs in a book so hopefully Crash will be well received enough to warrant a squeal.  I certainly hope so but the audience will decide.

Where can people buy the Book? and any Barnes & Noble book store.

What else is happening next in David Frangioni’s world?

Lots of projects, building new studios and digital facilities, working on developing new artists, producing & mixing some new records, working closely with Audio-One on cutting-edge home theater and automation technology systems and the list goes on thank God!

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