How To Edit Your Music To A YouTube Video Like A Pro

The importance of music in a corporate video is indisputable. A song can convert a normal video into an epic one, thanks to a great combination between video and audio. In addition, it is an element that generates more attention and can make your video generate all kinds of sensations. Picking the right song and editing the music to your video properly can take your project to the next level.

However, if we do not know how to choose the music for our video, what we will provoke is the opposite effect. If the music does not fit, it could turn a great video into a disaster. As we are in Visual Service we know how important music is for a video.

When we make a video we want to make our client feel something. We do not want you to see it, say “ok” and close it to never remember it again. We want him to cry, to laugh, to feel identified. In short, we want to touch the fiber. And all this is possible with music.

Probably, most people who watched the video with music felt like crying, were excited or smiled. However, if everyone saw the video without that “simple” background piano, we assure you that the percentage of people who would feel all that would be much less. Music generates emotions and reactions. When you can combine perfectly with the video, as in the previous case, you can duplicate the effect of the video.

Picking Music that Fits Your Story:

We all know that music has different tones. There are more happy and positive tones and others more calm, peaceful and even that can generate sadness in the person who hears them. We must hit not only in the selection of the tone for the video, but in the own changes of tone during the same one. For example, many videos start with sad or sober tones. Subsequently, each time it is getting to raise the tone while the story improves, to make the viewer feel that improvement through their eyes and their ears. The opposite happens also, when we want to go from a positive situation to a negative one.

Would you choose a heavy metal song for a presentation of a project? Are you going to select classical music to promote a true disco party? The answer is no, unless it is a very special case. We must choose a genre that fits perfectly with the video. For example, Drum and Bass is now very fashionable and in many ads you can see this type of music. Why? Because it generates activity, vitality, strength and makes the spectator who is not looking turn and look at the screen.

Use a genre that fits and does not break with the schemes of your own video. Sometimes we can break those schemes and break the rules, but getting right in this kind of cases is quite difficult and requires many, many tests.

How To Mark The Beat In Music To Know Where To Cut:

Sometimes to play a right song in your video you need to know what type of video it is and which music is perfect for your video, some are easy to decipher like those songs that are found in 4/4 or 3/4 condition but some are difficult. You have to listen to the song carefully. Sometime music don’t need any changes and fits with your video but sometimes music needs changes.

The melody of the song is what you hear above the song. The melody is usually repeated, and it is the best way to calculate the time of the song. You need to feel when it ends or starts. According to the melody of the song you have to edit your video and compare the music with your video. You have to play the right part of the song at the right time.

Reviewing Your Edit And Touching Up Your Video:

This is your last part of your music editing. In this part, check your video from start to end and if you find any mistakes in your music and video then you have to change this because viewer don’t need any mistake. Every people wants to watch perfect video with the perfect music.

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