SoundCloud vs Spotify: 5 Pros and Cons

Upcoming artists find it difficult to determine where to put their songs. Each online platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and various platforms suit different scenes, genres and singers. Both SoundCloud and Spotify++ are music publishing websites whose aim is to assist upcoming singers to introduce their music to people. Both platforms are easy to use but the way they function differs.  Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, artists should know the pros and cons of each distribution service before they settle on one.

SoundClound versus Spotify (Advantages and Disadvantages)


Both SoundCloud and Spotify provide unpaid and premium services, however they always differ from each other.


The major profit is gained from subscription service since most unauthorized songs are free for customers. The premium service costs 9.99 dollars per month and there is an affordable family offer which costs 14.99 dollars per month for six individuals.

When you have a subscription account, you may be able to enjoy:

  • Listening to music offline

  • Good standard audio- 320kbit/s

  • Ad-free songs


Unpaid offer to listen to songs is offered. People are also able to upload recorded sounds which are less than two hours.

Additionally, one is supposed to spend 9.99 dollars per month for a premium offer. The premium service offers multiple and ad-free songs.

However, if you buy a subscription at Apple Store, you may have to pay an additional three dollars every month because Apple must collect its share of in-app buying. So, it is cheaper to purchase from SoundCloud main platform.


Music Quality


It concurrently supports 2 kinds of streams (Premium at 320Kbps and above and Unpaid at 160Kbps). Apart from that, those who enjoy listening to music on mobile will enjoy 96Kbps on their phones. All song files have OGG Vorbis file format.


All songs are 128Kbps and they have the MP3 file format. But, the standard of the songs on this platform is 64Kbps Opus and there is no explanation for that.



It is only the premium customers who will download songs. However, the downloaded recording is never accessible to other customers as per the DRM protection. Or, a customer may require a special DRM removal to remove that limitation. To achieve that, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is recommended.


It allows free downloading services yet there are songs which are changed by their authors. SoundCloud downloader may fix this issue.



It gives customers a long list of songs for listening online randomly. Its features include:

  • The introduction of the singer and the albums

  • Suggested music

  • Personal playlist

If a user gets tired of the usual playlist, he or she may modify the genres and moods to from a highly exciting atmosphere. Moreover, there is a lot of other cool tricks you can use. Many at times, this platform can provide famous music and mainspring with specific publicity.


The highlight on this platform is, it combines style music and unknown interesting musicians. Users are allowed to upload and distribute audios and while doing that, they may find great music but with some little fame. This is suitable for people who love trying new things.

The only disadvantage however is that the purchased subscription service doesn’t provide many songs. The playlist does not provide a personal album and it is the reason why users find others’ uploaded songs when looking for them.

Handling singers

Whether on SoundCloud or Spotify, artists need many opportunities which will benefit their career. There will be so little to gain if singers depend on the streaming revenue because one can earn so little per a stream.


It supports merging tools such as Merchbar and Songkick to assist in selling the byproducts such as merchandise and show tickets. When access is shared, the platform lets musicians share their music on social sharing platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Also, Spotify is able to scan codes making the music heard and propagated.


The good thing is that both SoundCloud and Spotify have nice streams data analytics capability.


Since this platform supports uploading audio, artists are encouraged to record something that will suit the public. Apart from that, the platform shows analytic data in a chart, showing stream playback fluctuation. Additionally, SoundCloud provides the instant messaging service that allows artist to interact with their fans.


In general, it is hard to tell which one is better between Spotify and SoundCloud. Both of them have their strong advantages and unavoidable disadvantages. However, users can determine which one will suit them considering the information provided above. You might be a loyal Spotify customer or you have discovered something interesting in SoundCloud or you want to use both platforms simultaneously. It all depends on you.

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