CD REVIEW: Canyon Diablo by Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite

The debut single from Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite’s Canyon Diablo, “Electrified”, set the music world’s collective hair on fire with its ambitious mix of traditional and thoroughly modern elements and their new single will accomplish the same result, albeit via a different route thanks to their obvious diversity. “Strange Intuition” begins with the memorable couplet “Every night, it’s just the same/Can’t go to sleep till I forget my name” set over a steady rock beat, adorned with gritty electric guitar, and polished with just enough modern electronic touches to give it a thoroughly modern veneer. The engine room driving this song is a crucial part of its musical success and it doesn’t end with the muscular percussion.

The warm, fat bass pulse reverberating throughout the track’s four minute running time provides hefty undertow for the track, but it never lands heavy footed throughout the length of the tune. The dynamics of the songwriting, a staple of everything Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite touches, are in full effect with this track, but never overstated in hamfisted fashion. Instead, “Strange Intuition” is brimming with subtle shifts in its flow quite unlike anything in any rock vein today. Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite never rush these changes in momentum and. instead, the intelligent segues crackle with power. It’s an object lesson, in a sense – rock is a far from dead genre when it’s in the hands of experienced songwriters and musicians with imagination.

The vocals possess a stylish, yet undeniably raw, quality bristling with charisma. The singing does an excellent job of breathing even more vivid life into first class lyrical material and shows the same mix of unbridled enthusiasm, power, and canny instincts personifying the music. The seamlessness of the presentation on “Strange Intuition” is one of the defining characteristics driving the whole of Canyon Diablo and that impressive unity of sound, writing, and performance makes this another winner for the band.

The production seals the deal. Like the rest of the band’s material, “Strange Intuition” is a visceral listening experience and the balance achieved between the singing has a seamlessness few acts working today regularly aspire to or achieve. It’s a performance practically leaping out of the speakers. As the review implies and outright states, “Strange Intuition” is definitely cut in a hard rock vein, but it never comes off as cookie cutter. It’s an important part of the song’s success – and the band’s as well.

Dee and the Grand Brothers, once again, illustrate the impressive force of their talents as producers, songwriters, and performers with “Strange Intuition”. It has a steady velocity firing away from the song’s first note. Dee’s past single successes “Miles and Miles (Living on the Edge)” and “Filter Factory” touched upon two key outlets – YouTube and Super Bowl commercial placement – without sacrificing an iota of artistic and musical credibility. Canyon Diablo, on the backs of singles like “Strange Intuition” and the earlier “Electrified”, rates as one of the year’s best albums and represents the next altitude level in The Grand Brothers’ ongoing ascent. Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite’s new single release comes at a time of great success for the project and will undoubtedly expand their audience.


by Lori Reynolds

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