3 Ways to Reuse Old Textbooks

The cost of a college education increases every year. Add to that the cost of textbooks and supplies and it’s easy to see why the cost of a higher education can be a hindrance for some people. One way to recoup some of the costs is by making use of all those textbooks after they are no longer needed. Instead of just letting them stack up in the corner of a room or a closet, consider these three ways to actually get some use out of them and possibly even add a little cash to your pocket at the same time.

Sell Them

Selling your old textbooks is one of the most popular ways to get some cash back while being able to recycle the books instead of tossing them or having them collecting dust somewhere in your house. It’s also an ideal avenue if you have a bit of a philanthropic side and want to help someone who might not be able to afford new books. Maybe, a little like paying it forward. For a lot of people, the financial struggle to gain a college education is real. Buying used books may be the only way that they are able to secure the necessary class requirements and they will be on the lookout for low-cost solutions. You can sell your books online, at you college bookstore, or even at local consignment or resale shops. There may even be more selling resources available at your university. Selling your used textbooks can create a win-win situation for everyone involved. You make a little money back from the initial investment while helping out someone in need.

Donate Them

Maybe you are in a fortuitous situation where you aren’t interested in recouping any money from your old textbooks. But, being environmentally conscious, you are looking for a way to get rid of them without just tossing them out. Consider donating them to a local charity organization. Almost every community has a local charitable resale shop. Often, these stores will donate all or a part of their profit to local charities making communities stronger and more resourceful. Churches and schools will often have some sort of outlet where they will accept donations of all kinds and then sell them in a resale-style shop creating needed funds for their organizations or local sponsorships. Donating your used textbooks is a great way to make sure that they are reused while supporting your local community.

DIY Projects

Maybe, you have some used textbooks that have some sentimental value. You may have even collected books all the way back from elementary school that hold a special memory. Anything from keeping your favorite teacher’s book to having one signed by a special friend can make a book a value of sentiment. Over the years, all those books can start to take up a lot of space. One creative way to keep your treasured books is to display them in a variety of creative ways. They can be stacked from the floor up creating a side table or nightstand. You can mix in books with a coordinating color scheme for the room to display your books in a very appealing display. They can, obviously, be displayed on bookshelves with other mementos. They can even be fashioned into shelves of their own by attaching them to a wall creating their own shelf. You could even hollow out a larger book and create a book-safe. Or, you could use a treasured book cover for the binding on a scrapbook. The possibilities are endless to use a little ingenuity and add some value to your old textbooks.

You could also do a little of all three ways to reuse your old textbooks. Whatever the motivation, there are plenty of ways to make use of them. They usually still have some value for a few years, especially college books. If you’re looking for a way to reuse them and make a little money, definitely check out your selling options. If the books have no value, you may not be able to sell them. But, you can still donate them or use them creatively throughout your home. The most important thing to remember is not to throw them in the garbage. There are so many better ways to get use out of old textbooks while supporting the environment.

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