Ruben Pol

Ruben Pol Asks To “Meet Again”

Amsterdam talent Ruben Pol is bringing out his latest single this week. Produced by UK maestro Tom Martin, who has worked with both David Guetta and Martin Garrix, “Meet Again” is a wonderful summary of the Dutchman’s charming style.

His debut offering “Bed Sheets” went straight to Number 4 in the Apple Music Electronic Chart, and has now had over 250,000 plays – unsurprising, considering its quality. “Meet Again” is almost ethereal with its underlying groove and washes of Pol’s vocals. He says of it: “Meet Again’ is about a broken relationship and it reflects on the enormous value it still has to me. No matter how much suffering has taken place or how much pain has been done, I’m sure that in the end ‘we’ll meet again’.”

Hear it here.

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