Refreshing and Experimental: You and Me at Six’s VI

VI, You and Me at Six’s sixth full length LP find the band in a new place. Not only is it a departure from their earliest album Take Off Your Colours, but’s a departure from where the band was heading with their 2017 effort Night People.

Whereas much of their earlier stuff is pop/rock that can often teeter on hard rock, this album finds the band comfortably trying out many different musical avenues including funk, hip-hop, and a slice of EDM.

The album opens with “Fast Forward.” This track is nothing out of the ordinary for the group and solidly places the albums footing in the realm I mentioned above (pop/rock, slightly hard rock). Yet, one quickly comes into contact with “Back Again” and “3 AM,” where the game changes.

“Back Again” and “3 AM,” both of which have been released as singles, find the band delving into uncharted territory. “Back Again” is a dance/pop tune with a funky bass beat. There are heavy hip-hop elements ridden with guitar riffs in the bridge. “3AM” finds the band in much of the same setting, but with added vocal effects. This song has an accompanying video that almost make them look like a 1990’s boy band, but in the end, they seem to be having fun in their new element.

You and Me At Six truly get experimental on the tracks “IOU” and “Losing You.” “IOU,” which has also been released as a single, is sprinkled with the usual guitar licks, but the chorus goes plain funky to a deep bass beat. “Losing You,” a ballad in the sense of this album, finds the band again experimenting with different electric effects with an almost reggae beat.

Although this album is not what you would expect from You and Me at Six, it is pleasantly refreshing. It’s an easy listen and will sound exceptional on the airways. Lyrically, it’s not as raw as some of their previous works, but the emotion is still there. This album came to be out of a rocky patch for the band, at one point during it’s making they were even debating on breaking up, yet they still released a solid, experimental effort that will fit well in their catalog.

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