Latest Educational Technology changing the trend in business management

Over the last few decades, the educational system in India has gone through tremendous changes. The process of evolution is reflecting on the adopted teaching and learning techniques.

The process of evolution can be summarised as follows:

            Teacher-oriented    >        Learner-oriented

                                                Collaborative learning

The system of education itself faced positive changes such as moving from traditional standalone system to an effective connected system which in turn lead to the development of the mobile system (Mobility in the content)

Generally, the education system is based on two principles that are teaching and learning. Imparting new means of education with the change in learning environments can lead to a new body of knowledge. This phenomenon has the potential in creating a new era in the educational system and organizations conducting business.

Technological advances are creating an impact on the world of education and business. The impact is radiating locally and globally. Educational technology is working towards the innovation of learning process and implementation. In order to help students in the sector of implementation, it is creating a various level of teaching techniques that are helping students to process the existing data into strategies. This technique is effective in increasing productivity as well.

Indian Business Education

India stands second in providing the Management education. A recent study says that the quality of education in these business schools are substandard. Employment sector has a negative impact on management graduates.

There are so many graduates struggling to get a job in metropolitan cities. Why? Lack of implementation skills.

Individuals are unable to meet the employer’s needs. The perspective of employees towards Indian business education sector has also dropped.

Presently a few Business and Management schools are trying to adopt Latest Educational technology in their curriculum. For e.g. A few and MBA colleges in Delhi are taking an initiative to adopt new educational technology in their academic schedule.

Education Technology in Business and Management

Business and Management schools should adopt the latest educational technology which is focused on learning and implementing.

  • Optimum value to business and management education is added when the learning competency is up to professional competency.

  • Creating an appropriate learning context for students and a specific organization related engagements.

  • Technology can be used to create various learning themes using the internet as a communication platform in creating learning engagements.

  • The most prominent part of institutions is to create a certain value to students, Digital media platform can be used to create live learning.

  • Improvising basic skills and communication, productivity and authorization tools, administration skills etc

  • Effective implementation of products and processes will help in providing effective services to the customer.

  • Exposure can be given to students by integrating industries in the curriculum to target the need of employers.

  • NMAT 2019 is the entrance exam taken by the students who are seeking to get admission in top MBA colleges.

The culture and demand of India towards educational technology

Indians are experiencing more drive for learning. The culture is prizing learning and scholarship. Students are getting exposed to understand that the economic impact on the society comes through education. The importance of individual investments in learning and the societal investments on human capital is being exposed to students. The education technology is turning into a pro-education platform due to its accessibility and service provided.

India is striving hard to improve the productivity and the road to higher productivity is through education only. There is a huge demand for educational opportunities and the education sector is trying to integrate the education technology of online and collaborative learning.

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  1. Technological advances are creating an impact on the world of education and business. Education Technology in Business and Management perspective of employees towards Indian business education sector

  2. Thank you for this great article. Yes, we have seen various technology used in education and business to improve and make them advance and innovative.

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