Make Your Kid’s Room Special with Wallpics Photo tiles

It doesn’t matter whether your house is palatial or humble, what matters is how you decorate it. Embellishing your house is not something that you should do not for others but for yourself. It is your place of comfort where things look the way you want it to. Your creativity is reflected from your abode. This is one of the reasons why so many people spend so much amount of money in home decors. However, very few people give importance to building a room, especially for their child. This is something that most of you do not take seriously.

There are many reasons behind this reluctance and one of the major reasons is that maintaining the room of a kid is far more difficult than decorating it. You can spare your time on planning and purchasing wall decors to make the room of your kid beautiful, but who will take care of it. You can’t count on your kids as they are determined to be destructive as their active brain never wants to rest. In such a situation the only way out is to opt for Wallpics. It is one of the easiest ways not only to decorate but to maintain your kid’s room.

Scroll down to learn more about Wallpics and how you can make your child feel special with their room.

What is Wallpics?

Just like any other wall décor Wallpics are also a decorative item that makes your wall look attractive. The only difference between Wallpics and other wall decorative pieces is that this is something which shares your memorable moments with others and makes you remind the best times of your life. This way it keeps you motivated in life to move forward and create more beautiful memories with your family, friends, pets and other loved ones.

Technically, Wallpics is a set of customized photographs. Firstly, your send the selected photos and then you receive the designed photographs in a set of at least three snaps. These pictures of yours, when placed on the walls of your home in a stylish way, do magic and spread positive energy not only in the room but the whole house. Whenever you feel depressed these pictures can lighten your heart and make you feel happy. That is why you must also place it in your kid’s room.


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Why choose Wallpics for your kid’s room?

There are many reasons for choosing Wallpics for your kid’s room. Here some of the major ones have been discussed:

It makes the room attractive

The main motive behind using wall decors in the room is that it makes the room attractive and that is why Wallpics are so appealing. When you place Wallpics in your child’s room then it brightens the whole room. It makes it look amazing, but it is important to highlight that the end result of Wallpics in the kid’s room will profusely depend on your selection of photographs. You must understand that the pictures that you choose must also make your child feel good more than the others, as it is your child who will be spending most of his or her time in the room and not you or any visitor. The pictures must be funny so that it makes them laugh and feel great. For instance, you can try placing the picture of your child having fun in the water tub or with a pet. You can also try placing pictures of your child’s birthday or something that makes him or her smile.

It doesn’t damage the wall

It is very important to consider the point that the wall décor which you are choosing doesn’t damage your wall by leaving permanent marks, nail holes, etc. This is one of the reasons why you are recommended to use Wallpics. It ensures that your wall remains free from any type of damage that leads to its renovation. The special sticky adhesive at the back of Wallpics ensure that it sticks easily on the wall and when removed doesn’t peel off the wall paint. Furthermore, these tailor-made pictures do not require any screws or nails to hang, which means your wall will be free from holes.

It can be reused

When you place a wall decorative in your child’s room then it is important to ensure that it can be reused, as the kids have the tendency to become bored of things very fast. This means you need to change the wall decors quite often if your child has got bored of it. Interestingly, with Wallpics you do not have to worry about this problem as it can be moved around easily. Whenever you feel that your kid wants some changes in the room then either shift the pictures to another side of the wall or you can stick to any other room. Also, as aforementioned, it will not leave any mark which means you do not need to renovate the walls after changing the location of Wallpics.

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It is customized

You want to get a wall décor which is customized then definitely Wallpics is your best option. You can choose the photo from your albums and get the pictures customized. This is one of the reasons why Wallpics look good in any home. You just need to place the order on Wallpics App, which is available on the Apple store. This mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. You first need to download it and then upload the pictures on the app. After this, place the order and you will be able to receive Wallpics within 5 to 6 days depending on your address. The shipping cost is free for the US and for other countries it is also not very high.


Wallpics is a prudent way of decorating your child’s room as it is affordable and you can make the room delightful with the pictures of your kids. This is one of the best ways to decorate the room of your child so do not waste your time and download Wallpics App now and place the order.

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