A General overview of PMI PMP certification

PMPor Project Management Professional is a professional designation of an individual which is recognized internationally. For the record, there are 286 chartered chapters of PMP certified individuals with a count of over 833,025.

PMP examinations are based on the Project Management Institute (PMI), which provides services by developing training seminars, networking opportunities in different local chapters, publication, research, education, hosting various conferences and it also provides accreditation regarding project management. The prerequisites of PMP are:

  • Project Management Education for 35 hours

  • Directing and leading projects for 7,500 hours

  • Secondary Degree (Associate Degree, High School Diploma, global equivalent)


  • Project Management Education for 35 hours

  • Directing and leading projects for 4,500 hours

  • Four-Year Degree

All candidates who undergone PMI who meets the professional requirements and standards. You should then pass the exam for the PMP Certification.

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Why is the PMI PMP certification so popular?

It is getting popular in a way that any individual can have an additional certification which is globally acclaimed. If you are familiar with Cisco or Oracle certification, PMP is an addition to your choice. Also, most business right now is looking for professionals with credible certifications and can even get you to higher pay and position to the company.

Reasons to become PMI PMP certified

The very reason to become a PMI PMP certified is regarding job stability. Individual professionals are more in demand in terms of work field selection. Certified individuals are also given priority over someone who doesn’t have certifications yet for a specific post. Lastly, is the high efficiency when it comes to income. PMI PMP certified individuals are getting more high pay than the others.

How to become PMI PMP certified?

There are 10 steps to become certified in this field:

You must first read the credentials handbook of (PMP) Project Management Professional.

  • Ask yourself if you are eligible to become certified as a PMI project manager.

  • You must be a local member of your PMI chapter to become a member.

  • You then need to sign up for the PMP exam

  • Study the PMBOK guide over again before the examination date.

  • Read the PMP preparation book, or you can get a self-study course available.

  • Attend to any PMP workshop

  • Familiarize with the PMP exam and answer it as many as you can.

  • Have a very good plan and study well.

  • Take the exam on the given date and pass it!

PMI PMP exam details

There are 5 parts of PMP examination, and most of the questions are in multiple-choices. Here are the 5 exam parts:







Monitoring & Controlling





How to pass the PMI PMP exam?

Any certifications require skill and hard-work to succeed but don’t worry here are some points on how to pass this exam:

  • You have to learn by yourself thru video-based training materials.

  • You have to understand the concept of the exam from the book guide and know them carefully.

  • Have at least 1000 related and possible sample questions of the exam. This gives you an up-to-date examination question possible.

  • Always think ahead, like you’re re-imagining the examination day and what will possibly happen.

  • Online learning is beneficial, especially on our new technology days. This is designed to ground up your knowledge.

  • Always track the progress of your previous reviewed part. It is essential so you will not forget anything you reviewed in the past lessons.

  • Download all the lessons to your Tablet or Phone to ensure that you study even on the go.

  • Get ready for the examination day and remind yourself of all the things or lessons that you reviewed so that no time will be wasted.

Tips for passing PMI PMP Certification Exam

PrepAway PMP are always the best thing to pass in every exam; however, sometimes you also need to have someone who can you tips and suggestions to have you pass the examination.

Here is the list of tips to pass PMI PMP Certification:

  • Preparation – Well-organized training can make you succeed in every examination.

  • Fundamental Concept – Always write down the steps and formulas to make it easier to remember.

  • Refer to Process Flow Chart – This can help you organize the things to remember during the examination.

  • Practice makes Perfect – Remember to always go through the processes so that will stay in your mind until the examination day.

  • Networking – It is very crucial to have someone who’s on the knowledge of the examinations process, this way, you can seek and ask information related to the examination process and procedures.

  • Time is the Essence – Use your time wisely, when to review and when to write down important notes.

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude – This goes from the very start that you are currently studying until the examination day, maintaining a positive attitude attracts more positive answers from your fresh mind.

  • Importance of Hard-work – You have to give importance to your hard-work by treating yourself once in a while during the review pace so that you will not feel all the stress of reviewing.

  • Handling Failure – It is essential because not all the time results are in our favour, so better be prepared than not.

  • Managing Stress Before and After the Exam – This is more of being open-minded on whatever result the examination would be. It is also a preparation for your next step in your journey.

My personal experience of passing PMI PMP exam

Passing the examination is never easy, so as an experience of a PMI PMP passer, it is somehow called “Life Changing” because of having an opportunity to at least choose a job that you want and get paid higher than you expected. This is all the result of my hard-work.

Top Training courses for PMI PMP & Practice Test Questions

There’s a lot of PMI PMP courses that you can have such as online courses, self-studying courses books, in-person training and other stuff you can choose, whatever you preferred.

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Are PMI PMP exam dumps helpful?

Yes, and it is a proven technique that most of the aspirants who pass PMI PMP exam did. This kind of method helps you to memorize formulas, concept, and essential facts of the exam. Since the exam is a closed book examination. PMP brain dumps are essential for the exam takers.

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