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5 Tips on Getting Your Demo Heard by Record Labels

Streaming services have changed a lot about how we consume music these days. With platforms like YouTube and Spotify becoming more open to creators and artists, anyone can produce their own EP and reach the audience directly.

Despite the booming digital music scene, working with a record label is still the way to go if you want to go mainstream as a musician. Before you can get signed, however, you need to make sure that the labels hear your music. These next five tips will help you get your demo heard by record labels.

Do Your Research

Don’t just send your demo to as many record labels as you can find. This may seem like a good strategy at first, but you will end up with a lot of rejections. You want to avoid sending the same demo to all record labels too.

What you need to do is a bit of research. Find record labels that are known for supporting artists in the same genre as your music to boost the chances of your demo getting heard.

Mail It!

Forget about emailing record labels. The talent scouts of record labels receive hundreds of emails every day, which means yours is competing with a lot of other artists trying to get signed. Instead, turn to the postal service for a solution.

You can use web tools like Intelius to find the nearest post office and post your demo tape from there. Focus more on creating a personalized cover letter and a package that will capture the attention of talent scouts.

Make It Personal

As mentioned before, mailing your demo actually adds that personal touch to it. You are doing more than just sending out demos; you are building relationships with key figures in the music industry. When your demo is highly personalized, those relationships remain even when you don’t get a deal.

Take the time to write a good cover letter. Explain why you are passionate about your music or share a story that really says a lot about who you are. Make sure the package is well-designed before you take it to the post office you found earlier.

Think Convenience

You want whoever it is receiving the demo to be able to listen to your music right away, so it is time to think about making the demo as easy to access as possible. When mailing the demo, include your music in a flash drive and make sure it is in a format that can be accessed easily.

Here’s another touch you can add to your package: customize the drive. You already set yourself apart from the countless emails, so go the extra mile and make your demo truly unique.

Be Patient

Let me be the one to tell you that you will receive a lot of rejections as you send your demo to more record labels, but this is part of the process. What you need to do is learn from those rejections and continue improving your music.

Follow up on the demos you send, but don’t push too hard. The goal is to get the demo heard and to gain a lot of insights from the process.

With these five tips in mind, you will be able to get your demo heard by more people working for record labels. Let your music do most of the talking from there.

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