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Seven Features that Define the Noble Office Chair

What characteristics define a perfect office chair? This is one of the questions that you must answer when making purchasing decisions. Indeed, you must appreciate that while there are thousands of products offered online, only a few meet the necessary specifications. This article offers a comprehensive review of a product that has met all the required standards. Specifically, the features of Noble’s office chair are discussed.

Even before you start reviewing a specific product in the market, you must be aware of the features of a good office chair. It must have:

  • An ideal backrest

A good office chair should be designed in such a way that the backrest supports the curve of your spine. Some of them are adjustable.

  • Adjustable height

 The appropriate height for an office chair is 16-21 inches off the floor. Your forearms must be level with the office desk while your feet must be flat on the floor. A good chair allows you to adjust the height accordingly.

  • Comfortable sitting area

After sitting for hours in the office chair, there are chances that you will have unnatural strain and fatigue. This can be solved by finding a chair that has sufficient padding. Your weight must be support and distributed evenly.

  • Durability

The ideal office chairs are made from long lasting and easy-to-clean materials. It should allow for stable movement at the office and must not leave marks on the floor.

Once you find a chair with the features discussed above, you can be assured that backaches, fatigue, and poor postures will be minimal. You will also get value your money. The Noble’s office chair fits the description. It has the following features:

  1. An Ergonomic Design

Anyone seeking for a comfortable and adjustable chair will find this product perfect. The 4D armrests are cushioned while the rocking mechanism is advanced. You can adjust the height, allowing you to take a comfortable sitting position. Two pillows are offered to protect your neck and lumbar areas. It has a 55% density of molded coal foam for optimal comfort. It does not also deform after regular use. You can recline it to 135 degrees when office work becomes tedious and monotonous. The rocking mechanism is sophisticated enough to suit the needs of any worker or boss.

  1. PU Leather Upholstery

This product will last for ages, thanks to its PU leather material. It has the capacity to absorb all moisture and as such, you do not have to worry about the tea or water spills at your office. Just in case dirt accumulates, the material is easy to clean. It does not get overheated and creates an appealing look in your office. The diamond pattern stitching and colored seams makes it even better. The combination of the black and slight shades of pink will blend perfectly with other color schemes in your office.

  1. Stability

The product is stable, thanks to the steel frame structure featured. The metal is known for its sturdy nature. Your office floor will remain intact even after using the chairs and making numerous movements because the wheels do not leave scratches.

  1. Ease of Assembly

Noble understands that you will be charged for every service rendered at your office. Whether you are asking for your chair to be cleaned or assembled, the workers will need full compensation. This product is easy to assemble. Connecting the wheels, attaching the backrests, and tilt mechanisms and other areas does not require numerous screws and unnecessary steps. Within a few minutes, you will have completed the process.

  1. 2 Years of Warranty

Any manufacturer worth of salt will pride in their ability to offer a warranty. They want to assure the clients that they have take time to research and hence come up with quality products. Noble offers you two years, within which you can return the product or ask for free repairs. The chair has also met the United Kingdom’s safety compliance standards.

  1. Multi-functional

Other than using the chair for office work, you could also use it for gaming. It has all the specifications required to engage in PC gaming.  If you are in school, use the chair for studying and your success will be guaranteed. You will still be comfortable even after many hours of perusing through the books or hitting all the high scores in gaming.

  1. Affordability

Considering the features provided, the chair is affordable. You will get optimal comfort for a long time without necessary spending all your resources in purchasing the product.

On The Flip Side

Noble’s office chair does not support a lot of weight. You must be 265 kilograms and below to sit on the chair without worrying about breakage. Even so, the chair is still worth purchasing considering that it features specifications that other manufacturers ignore.

The Verdict

You will not regret buying noble office chair. It is comfortable, durable, affordable, and appealing.

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