Why Wolf of Wall Street soundtrack made it even better movie

The nominee for Best Picture in Oscar’s Reward, the movie Wolf of Wall Street has blown a lot of people away in 2013. Based on the true story, the film captured the rise and the demise of the boiler room brokerage “Stratton Oakmont” in the 1990s and specifically the life of its founder – Jordan Belfort.

The tough story of the ambition and greed in the financial industry happened to be a great and audacious movie, which one could certainly expect from the director like Martin Scorsese. However, what truly helped the Wolf of Wall Street to become such a remarkable experience was the soundtrack used in the movie.

Eclectic Style

It would be fair to say that 1990s were rich in terms of various music hits, and it would have been curious and maybe somewhat awkward to hear something like this in Wolf of Wall Street. Yet Scorsese took the different route – the film is the mixture of blues, jazz and even rock music. Some may argue it was anachronistic, but it made the audience to immerse more in the world of the uncontrolled success and money.

Even today’s traders can probably relate to the atmosphere created by the music in the film. To give an example, just imagine that you login into your Trade.com account, arrange the deals there and close them all to be winners while making really good money on the platform. The overwhelming feeling of success is what follows. Perhaps this is a topic for a separate Trade.com review, so let’s go back from this lyrical digression to the movie soundtrack.

The Power of Blues

Speaking of blues, this music significantly enhanced the scenes of Jordan Belfort’s lavish lifestyle, when the immense growth of his firm just derails the character. Best example would be Howlin’ Wolf “Smokestack Lightning” which depicted the crazy party subsequently becoming an orgy, with champagne and strippers all around. Certainly, Scorsese was pursuing the depiction of the rebel personality and with blues he got it right.

Music coincides with the pace of Belfort’s Life

Another notable thing why Wolf of Wall Street OST did a splendid job for the movie, is that it helps to show how fast-paced main character’s life was. Particularly here we can outline the rock songs that accompany the character in the crucial points of the main story. Songs like “Never Say Never” by Romeo Void in the scene where Jordan meets his future wife Naomi at the party, or Sloop John B “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes” cover of the trip to Switzerland and the absurd scene of being high on Quaalude going into complete madness – the perception of all this was definitely improved thanks to the amazing soundtrack.

The abundance of punk rock even until the end showed that the movie just like Jordan himself was not slowing down. For instance, during one of the ending scenes where Belfort is arriving at the jail, one can hear The Lemonheads “Mrs. Robinson” cover in the background.

Overall, Scorsese and his team of music producers chose the soundtrack wisely, allowing to better demonstrate the allure of money and power, the feeling of being on the crest of the wave. This is one of the reasons the Wolf of Wall Street succeeded so much.

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