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Hi Laura, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi! I’ve been great! Very excited to get this new EP out for people to hear.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Company”?

Yes! Company is the third track on the EP. I actually wrote this song almost two years ago.. But I am happy that it’s found a way onto this project. I have been playing it in my live shows over the past year and it’s always created such a vibe with the crowd.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

This song came out of being in a stage in my life where I wasn’t looking for any serious relationships but I was still wanting to connect with people and learn and grow. In particular, it was about bumping into someone who I hadn’t seen in quite a while who I used to be romantically involved with.. And so the song was almost a proposal to re-connect, no strings attached type thing. It’s basically about a hook-up, ha.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes! I actually just shot the visual for “Company”. It’s going to be a very up close and personal vibe. I wanted people to feel like they’ve actually spent time with me after watching the video.

The single comes off your new album ​FORTE– what’s the story behind the title?

I titled the EP, “Forte” meaning “Strength”, and also in music dynamic terms, means “Loud”. 6 years ago, I got a small tattoo on my left wrist of the music dynamic marking “f” for “Forte” and it’s always stood as a reminder to myself that I can get through anything in this life. Although this project is only 4 songs, from first to last song it speaks from where I was mentally when I first started writing for this project to where I am now releasing it and the strength that it took to get here. I went through a really tough breakup, I was working a lot of crappy jobs to support my music, I was trying to keep my mental health in check and I moved to the UK with no family or friends, so it was kind of a testament to getting to the place I am at currently.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording and writing process were quite separate for the most part because I had already written 3 of the 4 songs that ended up on the EP prior to working with Geo.. Which, in a way made those songs a bit more difficult to record because I had to go back to that space in my mind to where I was when I wrote the music. In a lot of ways it can feel very therapeutic, I needed to get those songs off of my heart and spirit and into a recording in order for me to release some of those feelings and emotions of the past. The 4th track, “Temporary” was one that Geo and I wrote together from scratch, and it happened pretty much in a day. It was just such a vibe and flowed so effortlessly.

What was it like to work with GEO and how did that relationship develop?

Working with Geo is amazing. He is extremely talented in what he does. We first met when performing together at a showcase night in London. He was playing bass in the house band. When we first chatted after the set, he told me that he produced and was interested in working together. I didn’t know much about him or his music at the time and it wasn’t until we bumped into each other a month or so later, we had a chance to chat more and he showed me some of his music. I was in awe. His production was so unique and edgy and beautiful. About a week later we got into the studio and have been working together ever since.

How much did he get to influence the album?

Geo definitely influenced the EP in a big way. He brought his own production edge and interpretations to the songs but it was very collaborative as well. I was really able to express the things I had envisioned for the songs and he could just take it there.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Just through living. I mentioned before that I have gone through a lot of different experiences over the past couple years, some heart-warming and others heartbreaking. I don’t take any of that for granted and if anything, I am so grateful for those experiences because it’s helped me to grow and learn, and through that process, I write. I have to write, constantly. Even when it’s not necessarily lyrics. I have to write to get my thoughts out of my head.. It gives me clarity.

Any plans to hit the road?

Not at the moment! But I would love to. I have dreamt of touring for a very long time, so it is definitely in the future, just not sure when yet.

What else is happening next in Laura Roy’s world?

More music! And more live shows. I am really working on building a base here in the UK so for now, I plan to keep getting my music out there and performing whenever I can.


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